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How To Submit Your Demo

Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 is about to hit and this is the perfect opportunity for you to Get signed to your favorite record label. But in order for that to happen, you will first have to know send your music to the…


5 reasons why Rodg is ‘High On Life’

Wherever you are and whatever you do, it’s up to you to make the most out of life. Rodg chose to thoroughly enjoy both the small and big moments in life and has been ‘High On Life’ ever since. We’ve asked him…

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The Festival Favorites of W&W

Just as much as you yourself have gotten a load of favorite tracks, so do the artists that play the biggest festivals throughout the summer. We’ve tricked W&W into revealing their Festival Favorites of this year’s summer season and…

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The Legends of Trance: Part 2

All great things in life start small and Trance is no exception. It captivated its first batch of listeners in the early ’90s, and became one of the world’s leading sounds soon after. Now, an Electronic Music palette without Trance is…