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How writers’ camps lead to full-blown tracks

Nearly everyone who’s at least a bit interested in making music is familiar with the concept of writers’ camps. But although the phenomenon is known to many, few might actually fully understand in what way a writers’ camp kick-starts the…

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How To Throw Your Record Label Out Of An Airplane

Thursday… May 26th… 2016… A day unlike any in all of the twenty-four years I’ve seen. It started ordinary as ever. An ear-shattering noise waking me from my sleep. A morning ritual dragging on endlessly. And lastly, covering the…

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Armin van Buuren @ The Flying Dutch Special!

If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much. Such a mindset could only be at the heart of The Flying Dutch, the festival that ravaged three different cities in the Netherlands past weekend. Its eye-popping line-up brought together ten of the world’s…

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The World’s Sickest Aftermovies

Insane festivals, huge events, and sick parties; you’ve undoubtedly had your fair share of ’em. But what are you left with when the magic of the moment has passed and the memories start to fade? What can make you feel alive…