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Galactic Marvl – Chapter Three – Blue Lips

Read ‘Galactic Marvl – Chapter One – Prologue’ here Read ‘Galactic Marvl – Chapter Two – Save Me’ here A swarm of helicopters ripped through the clouds above the city, casting their searchlights down to draw the darkness out of its streets. The initial chase…

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10 DJs you need to follow on Snapchat!

What’s so special about Snapchat, you ask? We’ll just go on a wild ride and sum it all up for you. Fancy captions, weird emojis, sketches, and insane filters, it’s all there. But there’s more. Everything you share will be…

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5 Lessons in Dance Music History: ‘Old Skool’

You know that style of music you adore so much? Well, it all started somewhere. And that somewhere is more important than you might realize. The history of dance music is packed with revolutionary tracks, and each of those piqued the interest of countless…

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How to make the most of any party!

After a long wait, you finally have the chance to attend the party of your life. You’ve checked the line-up, the artists you love are ready to give it their all, and you can barely contain your excitement… But…