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Armada at Enchanted Valley Carnival: Omnia


Armada recently debuted their prestigious stage at the eagerly awaited Enchanted Valley Carnival amidst the majestic hills and glorious sunshine at the Aamby Valley near metropolitan hub Mumbai. The Indian trance community came alive to celebrate this magnanimous night and witness the likes of Ruben de Ronde, Ben Gold, Omnia and Thomas Gold. The evening was mesmerizing and melodious, swiftly turning into an unforgettable experience for all of the fans. We had the opportunity to sit down with three of the artists performing there and have a tête-à-tête with them about their experiences with this vibrant country and their expectations for the year of 2016. Here’s what Omnia had to say…

Hi! It’s good to see you here! Are you excited to be back here?
Yes, thank you! It’s so nice to be here! I love India and I did a lot of gigs here earlier.

Will you be coming to Mumbai to perform anytime soon?
I actually played in Mumbai last year. And before that, I performed here for New Year’s Eve in 2014. It’s crazy every single time! I really love it here!

So what can we expect to see from you in 2016?
Well, I’m working on a lot of new stuff: new tracks, remixes, you name it. I’m actually thinking about doing an album and I have some ideas drafted up at the moment. So hopefully, I can present the whole album by next year.

That is really nice! So what determines what you play in a set?
Honestly, I have never played a prepared set. I usually prepare the first track for the time being and after that, I’ll be trying to get in touch with the crowd. I’m trying to understand what they want to hear. So to me, a DJ set is formed through the contact between the artist and the people. I never know what I’m going to play. Even tonight’s set is still a great mystery (laughs). It depends on the venue you play at, the people, the time, etc.

What has inspired you throughout your career and what has pushed you to where you are today?
A lot of different things, actually! I’m really lucky to travel a lot and play at different shows. Every show inspires me and, of course, if it’s a big show and if it goes really well, it inspires me to work even harder and to create new music. When I notice that people really love what I’m doing and when they really expect something from me, it pushes me to do more and more. So I would say, my listeners inspire me.

Is there any advice you would like to give to up and coming producers or aspiring artists?
First of all, my advice is to find your own sounds. It’s really hard, but also extremely important to find your own sound and style. Nowadays, there are so many EDM artists, Trance artists, House artists, and so forth. This means that if you want to become successful, you need to be different. This isn’t just for music production, but also for DJ sets and the way you look at it.

Secondly, it’s really important to be open to people, so that they can truly connect with you and your sounds. If you make music or if you play a certain sound, you are invariably doing it for the people. So it’s really important to stay in touch with them.

Thank you so much! Hope you have a brilliant time! And all the very best for your set here!
Thank you! Looking forward to having a really good time here!

Written by Shivani Murthy

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