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Armada at Enchanted Valley Carnival: Ruben de Ronde


Armada recently debuted their prestigious stage at the eagerly awaited Enchanted Valley Carnival amidst the majestic hills and glorious sunshine at the Aamby Valley near metropolitan hub Mumbai. The Indian trance community came alive to celebrate this magnanimous night and witness the likes of Ruben de Ronde, Ben Gold, Omnia and Thomas Gold. The evening was mesmerizing and melodious, swiftly turning into an unforgettable experience for all of the fans. We had the opportunity to sit down with three of the artists performing there and have a tête-à-tête with them about their experiences with this vibrant country and their expectations for the year of 2016. Here’s what Ruben de Ronde had to say…

Hi Ruben! It’s good to see you back here! How does it feel to be back?
Hi! I’m doing great, thank you. I actually have a very short visit here. I’m only staying for about 20 hours, unfortunately. So right after my gig, I’ll be rushing back to the airport.

Oh, that must be a really tight schedule!
It’s okay… (smiles)

So how has the year been for you? Has there been anything special?
I just signed a deal with David Lewis Productions, so that is something I’m looking forward to! And I’m also working on an album for this year. So yes, a lot of exiting stuff.

What are your expectations from the crowd outside at the festival?
I haven’t seen much of the crowd outside. However, if it is the same as how it was when I performed in Mumbai for ASOT festival, it will definitely be amazing.

According to you, what is the main challenge as a DJ? How does one manage to keep the crowd gripped throughout your performance?
I always try to be different, because it’s quite easy to play the hit songs every single time. That’s why I always try to play different sounds that appeal to everyone and keep my set somewhat improvised.

Finally, this is a question to which I personally want to know the answer! What inspired ‘Komorebi’? It’s a beautiful track that manages to bring tears to my eyes every time I listen to it. How did you get the idea for ‘Komorebi’?
(Laughs) I will play it tonight since you are going to be there. So, as you know, I work a lot with Danny Chen. We were working together on it in the studio with the idea of creating a really cheerful tune. I hope that it makes people happy when they listen to it.

Of course it does! It is something that will stick with me and always makes me smile.
Oh really? That is really nice to hear.

As we all know, Armada hosts many different stages! Can we expect to see a Statement! stage soon?
Oh! I really wish for that to happen soon. That is the dream!

Thank you so much for having a chat with us! It’s so good to see you back here! Do keep coming here often!
Of course I will. Thank you so much!

Written by Shivani Murthy

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