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A Happy New Year To All Of You!

Despite the fuzz on whether it was the Bengals or the Chinese that first came across fireworks (FYI – most scientifically clued-up individuals favor the Bengals), its flashy appearance captivated people long before you came into this world. These fiery outbursts came to Europe in the thirteenth century, but its recent entanglement with Electronic Music has relit the fire that once burned for this phenomenon.

Now that we’ve blasted ourselves a year further, we can look back on a year filled with spectacular shows and colorful explosions. And since you’ve all had your share of loud bangs and brightly lit skies mere hours ago, we thought we’d treat you to a few striking images of how fireworks contributed to the huge festivals or events that have been amongst our year’s highlights…

Speaking of highlights… This article is, obviously, not about images of fireworks, however striking they may be. This is about leaving a musically unrivaled year behind us and making sure that 2016 is AT LEAST just as great. And we all know who are deserving of our everlasting gratitude for the role they played in the past years and times ahead…

We of Armada Music would very much like to give your continued support a moment’s thought, as you’ve been there every step along the way for the past 12 years. 2015 has been a big year for us. We’ve seen a few amazing Armada Nights over the world and hit ADE with no less than two full-fledged shows. We welcomed a multitude of artists, fans, and ambassadors to the Armada family, and came across the unprecedented love you continuously show us, our artists, and our music more than once. We can only hope that this will continue in 2016, ensuring that it will be an even better year.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for staying involved and showing your support. And if we had to choose one highlight out of all that has come to pass in 2015 and before, we would definitely choose you! Thank you again and let 2016 be a year filled with laughter, happiness, and some kick-ass tunes! Happy New Year to all of you, let’s make it a good one together!

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