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The Most Spectacular Stage Designs


How could you not love a kick-ass party? They’re the perfect getaway from our everyday life, the ticket to another world where we can just live the dream for a while. But what really helps create a strong connection to the music is the stand-out design of its stages, offering a full range of laser beams, pyrotechnics and giant led screens to help send shivers down your spine. Check out the most spectacular stage designs below for some sterling examples…

Every year, Tomorrowland entertains us with a new and charming tale, ever exceeding our expectations due to their top production and strong focus on detail. Past edition, the festival’s glorious stage design had the shape of a massive tree, adding to the magic of its fascinating new theme: The Elixir of Life. This colossal structure not only hosted platforms for performers, but also provided secret nooks for artists and huge digital displays to enhance the experience.

The promise of eye-popping stages is more than enough for the world to attend Mysteryland en masse time and time again. After all, none have forgotten last year’s massive baboon billowing smoke out of its nostrils. But the magic can be found inside the tents as well, where you can see thousands of balloons hanging over the dance floor ready to bounce with you to the rhythm of the beats.

Being the iconic Techno festival it is, Awakenings never ceases to amaze. Not only will you be treated to the best music of the moment, this massive Techno park also represents around eight stages and four tents, providing a place for you to lose yourself in the impressive lighting and beaming lasers. The glaring pyros ensure a party hot as hell. As for the spectacular stage design, the picture below says it all.

Electric Zoo
Electric Zoo never fails to please its visitors. Not only is it paradise for the world’s most fanatic dance music enthusiasts, it’s also an electrifying experience every single time due to its stand-out stage design. So be ready to spend Labor Day weekend on the wildest island you can possibly imagine.

Electric Zoo
The prospect of a theme called “The Lost Oracle’ had our curiosity, but the design of the stage is what really caught our attention when Transmission hit about three weeks ago. The lasers, special effects, video mapping and stage performances were the icing on the cake as the some of the most renowned Trance DJs took over the decks.

Transmission Festival
The Flying Dutch
The Flying Dutch is a unique concept featuring a wide array of Dutch DJs, each well-known across the globe. The event went down in three different cities (Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam) and the DJs were flown from town to town by helicopter. The latest edition’s theme was nothing less than wondrous as each city and stage represented a color of the Dutch flag (Red, White and Blue). The result: three insanely impressive stages covered in gargantuan led walls!

Flying Dutch
Armin Only: Embrace
A magnificent career of over twenty years deserves nothing less than the very best. Armin van Buuren’s renowned Armin Only shows are a true sight to behold due to the high-end production behind the live shows. For his latest and on-going world tour, ‘Armin Only: Embrace’, Armin van Buuren has gone all out in a show that features influences from an acoustic palette that deals in a multitude of genres. To do justice to such an outpouring of quality, a mind-blowing stage design is required. And that’s exactly what it turned out to be.



Ah, Defqon.1! The mecca of hardstyle always presents a knockout stage design. This summer, they got two gigantic dragons to top off their already impressive stage design. Now add the relentless pounding of the music, the synced lights, the pyrotechnics and the fireworks to the mixture and you have gotten yourself a pretty amazing experience to cross off your list.

Vividly bright lights have always been part of Coachella’s signature visuals, used in several tents as well as on the outdoor Theatre, not to mention on the palm trees surrounding the festival area. You can always find the greatest stage designs at the iconic Sahara tent where an impressive cubic architecture was hanging over the head of the crowd during the most recent edition.

The distinctively simple, yet iconic “U” logo always dominates the stage at Ultra Music Festival. As for the rest, the mammoth video walls, the dazzling structure of LED panels and the huge amount of strobe lighting and lasers takes this global EDM show to a whole other level.

Ultra Music
No matter how furiously we try to describe the epicness of EDC and its stages, we will never even come close. So we’ll just let you gaze at the striking picture below and allow you to take in the sheer awesomeness while your jaw drops about six feet.



Written by Jessica Franco

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