The rush of adrenaline that is Armada Night Sydney 2015…


July 25th 2015: Pacha Sydney opens its doors to Armada Music, David Gravell, Omnia, Ben Gold, and Melbourne hero Exis. You might be able to picture the imminent bursts of audible excitement spoiling one of Sydney’s major electronic music hubs. Or you could seek to conceive the incredible experience that awaited the gathered masses. But most of all, you should definitely stay with us, as Armada Ambassador Miguel Ramirez takes you through the rush of adrenaline that is Armada Night Sydney 2015…

“The festivities kicked off earlier that evening in Sydney Harbour. Six lucky fans were presented with the opportunity to ‘meet & greet’ their hero Ben Gold, hosted by Australia’s leading online destination: The Trance Project. As we gathered at Opera Bar for sunset drinks, overlooking one of the most beautiful harbors in the world seemed to encompass the calm before the musical storm. It was an evening filled with fun, laughter, and positive vibes, all the while chatting and getting to know the #Goldrush star on a personal level. One fan even surprised Ben with some delicious sweets, after which Armada Music’s David Gravell made a special appearance with Aussie DJ/producer Exis.


A few hours later, we made our way to Pacha Sydney and we were welcomed by the energetic sounds of Exis. The crowd’s reaction was immediate, serving as a reminder that the Australian artist has huge potential. We walked through the packed crowd, discovered big smiles all around, and gazed upon fans having a wild time. As we closed the distance to the front of the spectacular stage, a conversation between two fans could be overheard amidst the pounding drums. But their wide grins and sparkly eyes conveyed what screaming their longs out couldn’t clarify; their night was one of a kind.

With striking visuals and a spectacular light show, David Gravell worked the stage with a mind-blowing set bursting with energy, getting the crowd moving to the latest in trance. Omnia delivered his brand of distinctive edge sound with success, and the crowd went insane when the trademark sound sets of ‘The Fusion’ filled the venue, joined by the glamorously costumed Pacha dancers. But after Ben Gold turned in one of the most powerful performances of the night, and fans took photos with their favorite Armada artists on the side of the stage arena, the once-in-a-lifetime happening came to a close.


With many high-energy moments and hands-in-the-air action, the incredible vibes made many in the crowd feel like they didn’t want the Armada Night to end. But unfortunately, it did. From now on, all that’s left is to look forward for Armada Music to return back Down Under, whether it be another Armada Night tour or an Armada-branded stage at a music festival. And the 25th of July will go into my books as a memory to never forget!”

Written by Miguel Ramirez

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