Armin van Buuren’s Top 5 Fan Gifts


December 25th… Half the world gathers around the Christmas tree and eyeballs the pile of presents. But not Armin van Buuren. Because on that very same day, the man himself is celebrating his birthday! To get him in the mood for the annual celebration as well as the holidays, we’ve listed five of the best gifts he’s ever received from his fans. Lo and behold, Armin van Buuren’s top 5 fan gifts.

The Legendary ASOT Cake
Armin van Buuren’s fortieth birthday wasn’t the only thing worth celebrating this year. His A State Of Trance radio show celebrated its fifteenth anniversary this year and one fan was thoughtful enough to present Armin van Buuren with his very own ASOT cake, a family recipe from Corjan! JUMMY!

©Tom Doms

©Tom Doms

The Rose
Gifted by promoter Cristian Caseb for working together so many years, this silver-colored rose is a symbol of friendship and respect. Armin van Buuren has very humbled by this gift and honored to have received such an amazing gift, because it symbolizes the support of his Argentinian fans. A wonderful gift indeed!

©Julián Farina

©Julián Farina

The Portraits
Throughout the years, Armin van Buuren has received a lot of drawings, created by numerous extremely talented fans. One of those fans, Suzana Curavic, gifted Armin van Buuren with these two amazing portraits!


The Miniature ‘Embrace’ Car
During A State Of Trance 700 in Mexico, Armin van Buuren was presented with a miniature car. It wasn’t just any model though. It was an almost exact replica of the car that was used in the cover of his ‘Embrace’ album. If that’s not a gift worth noting, nothing is.



The Collage
Nothing beats a sincere thank you from fans, especially when they’ve made a personalized collage to go with the kind words. It’s gifts like these that matter the world to Armin and we can see why!


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