Ten of the Best EDM Tattoos

Looking at how much in love someone can be with music, scientific research *wink* has proven that there are a number of stages. First, we’ve got the people just enjoying the music itself, either passively or actively. Second, we’ve got the ones travelling hours on end to visit a gig or festival, after which the third stage is made up of fans who flood social media with their music-or-artist-related love letters. Though even stage three might sound a bit over the top to some, there’s one stage in particular that goes way beyond all that.

Stage four is for all those crazy, yet loveable characters out there who immortalize their eternal love for music with a skin-deep, inky artwork. Yes, this article is dedicated to the ones getting a tattoo to show their love for (or towards) their favorite artists, styles or music brands. Here’s Ten of the Best EDM Tattoos!

Three in one…
We know the Swedish House Mafia started wonderful things in the world of EDM and we really appreciate what they’ve done for the scene. Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Axwell deserve every bit eternal gratitude for sure! But the question is whether or not you mind explaining to your kids why you’ve got three seemingly random dudes’ faces tattooed on your back? Just saying…


True dedication…
This is true dedication right here. Well, it says so in the title anyways. There’s one thing we DO know for certain though. This guy’s got your back, Tiësto… …or was it the other way around?


Korean courage…
Say what you like, but this piece is very well-made. But that’s as much praise as we’re going to give it. Why on earth you would want to have this “Gangnam Style” tattoo on your forearm (or anywhere else on your body for that matter)? Unless you’re Park Jae-Sang (PSY) himself… He’s crazy like that.


When tattoos tell a story. A long one…
Don’t you ever get annoyed by someone telling you they don’t know the lyrics to your favorite song? Don’t you resent them for forgetting it all in a jiff, even though you’ve taken them through the entire song step by step? If you do, this is the ultimate solution. Small side note: pick the track carefully. There’s only room for one.

Need someone to choose for you next time…?
Can’t seem to pick one artist to devote a limb to? Do you love so many artists that you’d consider yourself a traitor if you’d favor one over the other? Who said you can’t immortalize all of ’em? This guy for sure didn’t!

All At Once

Are you Daft, Punk, or both…?
No need to further elaborate. The question above will do just fine. We’ve seen worse though… At least this one’s nice and colorful.

Daft Punk Helmets

Trance For Life…
The logos of A State Of Trance, Anjunabeats, AND Armada! We dare say that this guy loves Trance music. P.S. So do we! Don’t judge us!


ArmINK van Buuren *badum tsss*…
Alright, we confess! We actually rewarded this guy ourselves for his dedication to the grandmaster of Trance in the summer of 2010. But to be honest, it IS a good-looking tattoo. And better yet, it’s not quite as strange and over the top as some of the others we’ve stumbled across in our attempts to compile this list. Added bonus: a second one portraying Armin (although it could just be his dark and angry alter ego, who knows)

Armin van buuren tattoo

The conversation starter
The tat doesn’t look all that bad. But we do wonder how you’d bring up having this tattoo to someone you (may or may not) have just met. “So you’re into tattoos, huh? Have you seen the Dead Mouse on my body…?”


Oh Yes, OH YES!
It’s not just the face of Carl Cox on your leg, okay? It’s when one’s gaze trails up your leg and comes across the words ‘Oh Yes, Oh Yes’… Well, you get it. It’s a bit out of the ordinary, that’s for sure. Not to mention a bit… well… suggestive.

Carl Cox

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