How To Prepare For A Ticket Sale Before It’s Too Late

It just so happens that your favorite DJ or artist is in town and you know for a fact that the tickets will sell out pretty quickly. Nothing to worry about though… You’re a hardcore fan and you’ll stay up all day and night to secure your ticket if you have to. Unfortunately, not everyone is at liberty to do that.

Many of us have to go to work, school, or just can’t find the patience to sit in front of a computer screen all day. But no matter how many tickets are available, there never seem to be enough of ’em, especially when they ensure seeing popular and famous artists live in action. So here are a few advanced tips on how to prepare for a ticket sale…

Create An Account And Update It Regularly
If you don’t already have an account for ticket purchase, you need to go and make one. It will only take as little as 5-10 minutes. You should set up your account with as much of your information as possible, from address details to credit card numbers. So that when you decide to purchase tickets, it will be as simple as click and go!

If for some reason you lost your credit card and had to have it cancelled, be sure to immediately update your payment information on your account once your new card arrives. It might not seem that important, but these precious minutes saved can mean the difference between cheering in unison with 20,000 others or crying yourself to sleep.

Stay Online And Hit The Refresh Button Constantly!
There’s no stopping you now! It’s either going all-in or losing your ticket to someone else. Make sure to keep the page open and refresh it constantly for updates. To the lucky few who own a computer desktop, you can continue to check for updates. To those who are not in possession of a computer desktop or laptop, be sure to download an app from the company you’ll be purchasing your ticket from. Luckily, almost anyone living in this 21st century owns a smartphone. Keep checking the app for updates!

In the worst-case scenario where you don’t have a computer or a smartphone, find your nearest local library and use the computers there. This cannot possibly happen to you though. How else are you reading this!?

Check Fan Clubs And Companies For Ticket Presales
This will simply help you narrow down the competition by finding certain fan clubs or other sources that sell tickets before the regular ticket sale. It will take some research, but you’ll eventually strike lucky and get a ticket before the common rabble. This is THE position you want to be in. You can leave behind the worries of getting a ticket and look forward to an awesome live show!

Too Late :(. All Tickets Are Sold Out! Is This The End?
Fear not, there is still hope! Although you didn’t manage to score a ticket while they were on sale, ticket companies will sometimes release more tickets later on. Or, if you’re the luckiest person ever, some tickets will be verified as resale. But after this, there’s no more second chances. Get your shit together and make it happen!

So when you do see that tickets are sold out, never give up until the hour before the concert starts. Check back every single day or hour to see if additional tickets are available for purchase. Good luck and remember… Be persistent!

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