The 5 tunes that shaped Super8 & Tab


There’s no denying it, there’s no pretending otherwise, and there’s no avoiding the question altogether. If music has once touched your soul and illuminated your very existence, there’s bound to be a bunch of records that instigated such a passionate fire in the first place. Super8 & Tab have been an integral part of the Trance scene for some time now, and we get to discover what songs made them pursue a career in music. Here are the 5 tunes that shaped: Super8 & Tab…

Age Of Love – Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Mix)
This is probably the first track we’ve heard that could be described as trance. Jam & Spoon were among the pioneers of the genre and were building the foundations for trance. It had all of the elements and the right feel required to inspire countless trance artists in the early days of the genre. And we are definitely among them. It’s unbelievable how unique this track still sounds after 23 years.

OT Quartet – Hold That Sucker Down
Another super-talented and important person for the whole electronic dance music industry is behind this release. Rollo is also known for his projects like Felix, Rollo Goes Camping and Faithless… This one hit the sweet spot straight away when it was released back in ‘94. The chord progression is as close to perfection as it can get with a classical twist. Our careers started with gigs in smaller clubs back when this was first released and this was a vital part of both of our tracklists for a long time. And it still is an amazing track today.

William Orbit – Barbers Adagio (Ferry Corsten Remix)
We remember hearing this first when Orkidea played it at an afterparty in a warehouse in Helsinki. The quality of composition just hit us and that is one of the reasons why we have always paid close attention to writing our own music. It’s not just the production and a cool bassline that counts. It’s the actual musical content that gives a track its emotional traction.

Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes
Oh, this beauty brings back so many good memories of parties in the mid-2000s. In this track, the production and vocal just melt together and create a complete soundscape. We would have loved to be in the same room as Gabriel & Dresden and JES to see their faces when they realized what a track they had just made.

Oceanlab – Satellite
There was a time when there wasn’t a single gig we did without playing this track and we still very often play our own mash-up of it. This vocal has worked as reference for us so many times when we start working on a new track. It’s really magical in every way. The lyrics, the feeling of the vocal, the melody; it all just flows without any effort.

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