A State Of Trance Festival 2015: Jorn van Deynhoven


Not too long ago, the brand new A State Of Trance Festival 2015 compilation emerged. It offered six top-tier artists the chance to mix one part of the compilation, and we got to interview every single one of them. Here is the man known for his ‘New Horizons’ ASOT Anthem: Jorn van Deynhoven.

What does A State Of Trance mean to you?
Since 2009, I’m happy to perform as a DJ on every ASOT event and to release all my productions on the ASOT imprint. On top of this, I’m more than proud to having produced an official ASOT anthem with ‘New Horizons’. A State Of Trance means a lot to me, because it has changed my life.

Briefly take us through the track list of your mix in the ASOT Festival 2015 compilation.

I started my mix with an unreleased version of my latest single ‘Freaks’. I love to play this version in clubs, because it has a completely different drop compared to the festival mix and it works very well when I perform as a DJ. As the second track, I used my brand new remix for Cosmic Gate feat. Emma Hewitt – ‘Going Home’. That’s the kind of style I like right now; a mixture between a monster tech-trance arrangement, brilliant vocals, and lyrics wrapped in a fantastic high quality production.

The same goes for track three: my take on Dash Berlin feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – ‘World Falls Apart’. I really love the festival feeling in this track. Great to see that my version was featured in the recent US science fiction drama series ‘Sense8’.

Another track of mine is ‘New Horizons’, voted by you as the official anthem for A State Of Trance 650. The original version worked so well with the previous remixes of Dash Berlin and Cosmic Gate, that I decided to use the original version in this mix.


Sliding to track five and I’m very proud to say that I got the chance to remix one of my all-time Trance favorites: Svenson & Gielen – ‘Twisted’. A high priority for me was to leave the spirit of the original intact in my remix. Up to this point, I’m still receiving great comments on that track.

Armin van Buuren said in an interview once that my remix of ‘RAMsterdam’ was one of the best trance anthems ever made – a proud accolade for a producer like me. I’ve played this track since 2009 and it never stopped having impact on the crowd in the six years I’ve been performing as DJ. A timeless anthem!

Lastly, I used my remix of Armin van Buuren feat. Richard Bedford – ‘Love Never Came’. I was in Sao Paulo when I heard a preview of Armin’s album ‘Intense’ as we shared a driver from the airport to the hotel. I was impressed with his original and was struck by Richard Bedford’s voice. I asked Armin for a remix and six months later, I received an official request from his management. I put all my passion into this remix and I was more than proud to hear that Armin used my version for his ‘Intense’ world tour. A cool story behind this track and a cool track to finish off my ASOT 2015 Festival Mix in style!

If you were to program an ASOT festival, which country would you choose and what will be your line-up?
I would program an ASOT ‘Beach Festival’ somewhere in this world; Copacabana (Brazil), Mar del Plata (Argentina) or Acapulco (Mexico). My line-up would be Armin van Buuren as host, Above & Beyond, Paul van Dyk, Emma Hewitt (Live), Justine Suissa (Live), Nadia Ali (Live), Gouryella (Live), and I’d have openings acts such as Ruben de Ronde back-2-back with Basil O’Glue, and closing acts such as Simon Patterson back-2-back with Neelix.

I don’t add myself to this line-up. Why, you ask? Because at an ASOT Beach Festival, I’m right there with you, partying my guts out!

Of all summer festivals, which one is your favorite and why?
In 2012, I was in Las Vegas at Electric Daisy Carnival. This EDC summer festival changed my opinion about Electronic Music as a whole. A State Of Trance had its own stage there, where I was invited as a guest. I really enjoyed every minute of this weekend!

What is keeping you busy in the studio these days?
Right now? My air conditioning, because it is 38°C outside! My new single ‘101010 (The Perfect Ten)’ is mastered and signed, and I’m really looking forward to another brand new addition to the ASOT imprint with my name on it.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
Many thanks for all your love in the last years, guys. A big hug to everyone out there. Some great Jorn van Deynhoven tunes are in the pipeline. Keep your ears open! xx JORN

Has this interview sparked your interest? Check out the full A State Of Trance Festival 2015 compilation!

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