A State Of Trance Festival 2015: Rodg

Not too long ago, the brand new A State Of Trance Festival 2015 compilation emerged. It offered six top-tier artists the chance to mix one part of the compilation, and we got to interview every single one of them. Here is one of Armada Music’s best kept secrets: Rodg.

What does A State Of Trance mean to you?
A State Of Trance is about completely losing yourself in that particular moment, record or DJ set.

Briefly take us through the track list of your mix in the ASOT Festival 2015 compilation.
I’ve tried to make a nice combination between new and old records, as well as vocal and instrumental records. Of course the first record I did with Patrick Baker is on there. It’s my first ever vocal single and did really well. As a bit of an ASOT classic I had to add ‘Pendejo’ as well, a record that works really well in the Spanish speaking countries.

Additionally, I’m really proud for getting the opportunity to remix Cosmic Gate, so of course, it has to be featured on this mix. And last but not least, both ‘Goldie’ and ‘Delta’ are two new instrumental tracks I recently finished.

If you were to program an ASOT festival, which country would you choose and what will be your line-up?
I would love to play on an A State Of Trance event in Mexico together with Armin, Ruben de Ronde, and Andrew Rayel. Oh wait, I’m playing there October 10th! 😉

Of all summer festivals, which one is your favorite and why?
By far, Tomorrowland. The lineup, the international crowd, how the festival looks… Amazing!

What is keeping you busy in the studio these days?
I’m currently working on loads of new music; both instrumental records as well as records with vocalists are coming up. Can’t wait to let you hear them!

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
You guys are the ones that keep the music alive! Thanks for being there!

Has this interview sparked your interest? Check out the full A State Of Trance Festival 2015 compilation!

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