A State of Trance Festival 2015: Ruben de Ronde

Not too long ago, the brand new A State Of Trance Festival 2015 compilation emerged. It offered six top-tier artists the chance to mix one part of the compilation, and we got to interview every single one of them. Here is the man we lovingly refer to as Mr. ASOT: Ruben de Ronde.

What does A State Of Trance mean to you?
It basically means every day in my life. We are always working on enhancing the show, making sure we have the latest and best in Progressive and Trance. It is amazing to be part of something that brings light in people’s lives on a daily notice. Every day, we get messages from people with stories how the music brought them together with other people, or how the show helped them through rough times.

Briefly take us through the track list of your mix in the ASOT Festival 2015 compilation.
I tried to give a good reflection of my live sets. I always play a lot of music of all the people that I have worked with on these exclusive tracks, which makes every track even more special!

If you were to program an ASOT festival, which country would you choose and what will be your line-up?
I think the line-ups that have been there this year so far proved to be picture perfect!

Of all summer festivals, which one is your favorite and why?
For me, that question is just too hard to answer! Every festival has its charm. One of my favorite Summer festivals this year was actually in January. That is when it’s full-blown summer in Argentina, and there I played the Armada Beach festival. That was one crazy night!

What is keeping you busy in the studio these days?
I am actually quite close to finishing an album! Additionally, I am about to finish a new track with Viktoria Ray, another one with Aelyn, Patrick Baker and the wonderful Deirdre McLaughlin. I have also created another soundscape album for Hardwell’s ‘United We Are’ tour, and I might release that one soon as well! The first single that is coming out soon is one that you can find on this CD too: my collab with Ben Gold. We made it in a sizzling warm studio in Sydney, and it grew to be the Anthem of Electronic Family! Keep an eye out for ‘Era Festivus’!

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
Without you, there would be no A State of Trance. So thank you for tuning in every single week, showing your love for music. And a big shout-out to the regular listeners of that special Ruben de Ronde radio show: ‘The Sound of Holland’! You guys are the best! <3

Has this interview sparked your interest? Check out the full A State Of Trance Festival 2015 compilation!

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