Dash Berlin: “Releasing ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’ was never certain…”


Ever since his breakthrough in 2007, Dutch superstar Dash Berlin has been one of the most consistent Electronic Music artists of his time. Through his far-famed vocal tunes (e.g. ‘Waiting’, ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’, ‘Man On The Run’), distinctive sound and cutting-edge on-stage performances, the current #15 DJ of the world has won the hearts of #trancefamily members and progressive house enthusiasts alike. As a man with unbridled ambition, he’s never been one to look back at what was. But ironically, we are asking him to do just that as his fresh cut ‘Yesterday Is Gone’ hits the world.

Hi Dash, thank you for taking the time to sit down with us. Could you take us back to the year of 2007, when you first realized that ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’ was to become one of the most anthemic vocal trance tunes ever made? How do you look back at that moment in time and how has it influenced the years to come?
“Thank you for having me guys, always a pleasure. ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’ is a very pure record. Not made with any intentions at all. We were not even sure if it would ever be released. Life is weird. Looking back at those early days, I had no idea what was going to happen. Sometimes the best things happen at the most unexpected moments.”

After that massive single, you went on to come up with ‘Waiting’, ‘Man On The Run’, and plenty more slammers worth mentioning. Out of all the records you’ve ever made, which one means the most to you and why? 
“‘Till The Sky Falls Down’ will always be the most important record, because it is the foundation of the whole Dash Berlin adventure. And after all these years, it managed to stay relevant, which is very cool. It’s still a fan favorite.”


In the past few years, we’ve seen a slight change in the far-famed ‘Dash Berlin’ sound. You’re still launching plenty of vocal smashes, but we’ve seen a bit of a shift towards the sound of the progressive house genre. Could you tell us why your sound has been heading in that direction?
“The evolution of my sound is an organic progress. I’m in a different club or at a new festival every weekend. All these different dance floors around the world inspire the sound that you hear from me. I just go with the flow of the times.”

You’ve obviously had your fair share of collaborations with talented vocalists and musicians. How did you enjoy working with Jonny Rose on ‘Yesterday Is Gone’ and how did an artist like DubVision fit in?
“Jonny Rose has a great voice that really complements my sound. He wrote the vocals for ‘Yesterday Is Gone’. As for the DubVision boys, they played a vital role in this collaboration. They upgraded the melody that we had going, which took the record to the next level. Best of all worlds, so to speak.”

Is the sound of ‘Yesterday Is Gone’ the ‘true’ Dash Berlin sound or is there still a lot of evolving going on?
“I would never release a record without staying true to myself. My sound may be evolving, but the basics are still the same. It’s like clothing: you might be wearing a different shirt today, but it will always be you inside it.”

From early 2007 ‘til this very day, what has been the most memorable performance in your career and why?
“That’s a good question to ask the fans. For me personally, every gig is special. I never take anything or any moment for granted. And I mean it too. With everything going on in the world today, we should all be humbled by the fact that we have a place to go and a job to do.”

What do you still wish to accomplish in the near (or less near) future, both musically and personally?
“Staying healthy is always the main personal goal. Musically, I am continuously trying to reinvent myself and push the limits with every new record. It’s important to keep moving forward. Working together with all kinds of different artists had made that journey even more interesting and fulfilling.”

What can we expect from you in the next few months. Any big projects or gigs coming up?
“I’ve got lots of fun gigs coming up, please check my schedule at I might be coming to your country next! For the fans, go listen to ‘Yesterday Is Gone’ and drop me a line at Facebook or Twitter. Let me know what you think. It’s always great to hear from you! See you on tour!”

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