Festival Favorites: MaRLo

MaRLo is one of the rare breed top-tier Trance artists of the current generation. He is renowned for his smashing sounds and energetic approach on modern-day music, making him an artist that stands out. The Australia based DJ/Producer continually plays at the most incredible festivals around the world, which should make for some sweet Festival Favorites.

What is your favorite festival?  
I’d have to pick two. ASOT and Stereosonic!

What is your ultimate festival wear?
Sneakers, black pants, and a colorful T-shirt… or white… or black.

What is your favorite festival drink?
Whiskey on the rocks backstage, water around the rest of the festival.

What is your most memorable festival moment?
That shot of adrenalin before walking on stage, at any festival really.

What is your all-time favorite festival food?  

What is your biggest turn-off during festivals?
Public urination.

Which artist(s) do you look up to or admire?
Armin van Buuren. What he has achieved is amazing! As a DJ/producer, but also with Armada and ASOT.

Which three items are an essential part of your festival gear?
Ear plugs, ear plugs, ear plugs. Gotta protect your hearing.

What is your favorite festival record?
Sorry, no straight answer here. Changes every week!

If the choice was yours, who would be your once-in-a-lifetime back-2-back performance?
Definitely Armin van Buuren!


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