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Galactic Marvl – Chapter Five – Down Low

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Galactic Marvl could barely stay awake. The experiments had worn him down and the jolts of electricity that shocked him at random had kept him semi-conscious all night. Though the scientists would sometimes leave the room, they would always return. And when they did, they’d bring along a new piece of equipment or some sort of horrendous device, which evidently led to more pain and suffering. It was as if their sole purpose for being there was to show off their superiority, to use torture as a way to warn the rest of the universe not to mess with Earth.

Though his senses were dulled from the lack of sleep, Galactic Marvl could hear a faint, unknown voice speaking through the intercom system near the door. The voice didn’t sound commanding or authoritative at all, but the scientists dropped their clipboards and hurried out of the room. As expected, it didn’t take long for the doors to slide open again. But this time, the visitors were no men in white. On the contrary.

In front of Galactic Marvl stood the two agents who had chased him across the city, the two men who had initially condemned him to a life of running and hiding. But there was something different about them. They no longer radiated the hatred and distrust they used to. Instead, Galactic Marvl felt warmth and kindness, maybe even compassion and a whiff of regret. One of the agents stepped forward and placed his hand on the capsule prison, after which Galactic Marvl felt compelled to do the same.

The connection was there. It not only felt amazing, but also invigorated Galactic Marvl in ways he could have never imagined. The agents finally understood. They knew about his struggles, had seen his most inner desires and had come to share his beliefs, his vision of a world built on love and friendship. It was all Galactic Marvl needed to regain his power. The glass wall between their hands shattered as if a thin layer of ice smacked onto a pointy rock. Galactic Marvl was no longer trapped.

As the sirens started blazing, Galactic Marvl climbed out of the capsule. The agents greeted him with a nod, not just a silent promise of loyalty and friendship, but also one of understanding. There wasn’t a lot of time. They had to find his space ship.

Assaulted by the ear-splitting sound of the sirens, Galactic Marvl and the agents hurried through the maze of hallways and corridors until they found the room they were looking for. Galactic Marvl ripped through the electric wiring that kept the door locked and entered the room, his new-found companions a mere step behind him. And there, he saw his space ship, fully repaired. How the scientist had managed, he did not know, although he was glad they did. But just when Galactic Marvl was about to board his vessel, a distant buzz reached his ears. He looked at the agents, who too seemed confused, until they all found out what caused the strange sound. One of the agents pointed toward the elevator at the end of the hallway, which seemed to be heading toward their floor. Though they ran fast in hopes of intercepting whoever was in the elevator, they were too late. The doors opened and the big boss stepped out, backed up by at least a dozen of his minions. “Grab them”, he yelled. The wrath in his voice was unmistakable; there would only be one party making it out alive.

But before the big boss’ minions could reach for their guns, the agents had already drawn theirs. The air filled up with whizzing bullets and the sound of blood splattering all across the walls and floor. In no time at all, all minions but one had been taken down, their plump bodies demoted to lumps of meat. The vicious smile on the big boss’ face was no more, replaced by a look of terror. As the two remaining enemies were held at gunpoint, Galactic Marvl slipped back into the room and boarded his ship. They had done it. They had escaped.

Galactic Marvl and the two agents shared a final look as they raced away from the facility, Galactic Marvl in his ship and the agents in their car. But as the building in the backdrop got torn apart by explosions, a familiar sound reached his ears. Galactic Marvl immediately glanced at the monitor on his dashboard, on which a message appeared. A message he hadn’t even dared to dream of. “We’re coming to save you.”


or is it…

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