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Galactic Marvl – Chapter One – Prologue

What a long, strange journey. Stars and galaxies passing by. Finally made my way to this beautiful place. Hello my friends, where have you been? It’s time to begin again…

Galactic Marvl took a step back and glared at the message on the bright screen in front of him. It was a long shot. There was no way of knowing if someone would even receive his message, let alone if they were technologically capable of doing so. But he had to try. He longed for a new beginning, eager to start over on a planet far away from the hardships that made him leave his home.

All signs pointed to Earth being that kind of paradise. His computer had detected a complex ecosystem, an atmosphere he could survive in, and fairly intelligent life in the form of humans, as long as they wouldn’t destroy themselves in their stupid, unnecessary wars. But would these humans understand his ways? Would they welcome him into their home to live as one of their own? Or would they reject him because he was different from everyone else? Pondering over these questions wouldn’t help him out here. There was only one way to know for sure.

As soon as his hesitation had disappeared, he pressed one of the flickering blue buttons on the right side of the screen. A three-second countdown started and, after a seemingly random number of monotonous bleeps had filled the air around him, his transmission had been broadcast. “Here goes nothing”, he thought, as he turned his back to the screen. He exited the room, slowly walked toward the main part of his ship and took a seat behind the vessel’s control center as its pilot and captain. He had to begin his descend now, otherwise he’d miss out on Earth’s gravitational pull and end up circling the planet for another few days. And that would be a disaster. His ship had only a quarter of a gallon left in its reserve tank, barely enough to cover the rest of the distance to Earth. And on top of that, he had to start rationing the remainder of his supplies weeks ago, simply because there was just so little left. If anything was to happen, he would run out before long.

Nervous, though fully convinced that the path that lay ahead of him was the only sensible one, Galactic Marvl strapped himself to his chair and pressed several brightly colored buttons in a pre-set order. He heard the whizzing sound of the ship’s rockets power up and felt the change in gravitational force as he accelerated toward his destination. The green-and-blue globe in front of him became bigger and bigger as he covered the distance. But as soon as he entered the Earth’s thermosphere, a loud bang coming from the back of his space ship shook his very soul.

Before Galactic Marvl knew what had occurred, his vessel started speeding up at an alarming rate. It pushed him into the back of his chair and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t break through the sheer force that prevented him from reaching the controls. After a few seconds, there was nothing more he could do to prevent disaster. The ship had caught on fire and was spiraling down at an almost terminal velocity. Galactic Marvl was left helplessly. He could only watch as the vessel passed strange-looking, floating objects which the computer had identified earlier as satellites and decided to close his eyes and wait for impact. The ship began to shake uncontrollably as it raced downward, giving off an ear-shattering noise throughout its disastrous descend. But as soon as the ship crashed down on a huge, yellow-colored, and sand-filled plain, it all stopped.

The ground shook like never before. A massive explosion could be seen from all over the world and its shockwaves hit Earth’s inhabitants in a way nothing earthly ever could. Was it the end? Or was it only the beginning?

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