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Galactic Marvl – Chapter Two – Save Me


Read ‘Galactic Marvl – Chapter One – Prologue’ here

As soon as the clouds of dust and smoke had settled, on came the blazing sirens and stench of burnt rubber. A parade of vans from the local broadcasting stations came pouring out of the city, each more desperate than the other to be the first to arrive at the scene. Nevertheless, their attempts were all in vain. The crash site had already been taken over and their access was blocked… “POLICE LINE, DO NOT CROSS.”

Behind the yellow ribbon, an exhaustive investigation was well underway. Evidence was being gathered, fragments of a strange object were piled up for further research, and a crowd made up of ecstatic news reporters and worried citizens was kept at bay by stern-looking officers. But when a car black as night pulled up to the crash site and slowly came to a stop, anyone involved knew they had been taken off the case in favor of two men way higher up the chain of command.

Between the pitch-black glasses, tailor-made suits and the intense expression on their faces, there’s was no saying which radiated more authority. As soon as the two men stepped out of their vehicle and crossed the police line without hesitation, all personnel of the local police department started packing up and left the crime scene within seconds. One of the two special agents, dressed in a blue and white, looked to the right and gave his partner with the red tie a slow nod. They knew perfectly well what was going on here. It’s what the big boss up top had been anticipating ever since that strange, mysterious broadcast had been picked up by NASA. Something alien had come to Earth. And now, it seemed to have crashed down in the desert, at the very spot where a broken-down space ship had dug head first into the sand.

There were only two possible scenarios. There was of course the option that the creature had died on impact and disintegrated completely. But there were inhuman footsteps in the sand, leading away from the crash site. It was clear. National security had never seen a greater threat before. There was no knowing what kind of vicious creature had decided to make Earth its home and the big boss wanted to get his hands on it as soon as possible. The time for investigating was over. It was time to act. Within seconds, the two special agents had made it back into the vehicle and pushed the car’s engine power to its limit. Covering the crash site and anyone left standing on it in spurts of sand and clouds of exhaust fumes, the special agents raced back toward the city. The chase was on.

Though he was still far from comprehending the language of the planet’s inhabitants, Galactic Marvl knew his crash landing hadn’t exactly remained undetected. The bright flashes of the screens in almost every window concerned him, as he could clearly recognize parts of his space ship, broken beyond repair. Doubts began to take over his mind as he walked down the road that lay ahead, taking him further into the city. Was he right to have come here? Was this any safer than the planet he used to call home? It all felt so hostile, so unwelcoming. He had hoped to find joy, laughter, and happiness here, but all he had seen so far was evidence of the contrary. The sky was dark and ominous, as were the concrete-grey skyscrapers towering over him at all sides. Where was the color in this dark world? Was there no love to be found here?

Suddenly, a pair of headlights appeared in the distance and the sound of a roaring engine grew louder and nearer with every passing second. Unsure as to how to respond, Galactic Marvl’s instinct began to take over. As quickly as possible, he dove into a dark, abandoned alley on his right-hand side and ducked behind a strange object that bulged out with organic residue and foul-scented materials.

Galactic Marvl could only wait as the darkness overwhelmed him and the danger seemed more real than ever. But the bright flares and ear-deafening sound passed even more quickly than they had come and after it had faded into the distance, Galactic Marvl was alone again. But was he safe?

A strange sensation that made him feel unwelcome started creeping up on him. Somehow, he felt as if he was being hunted. As if someone was watching him, tracking his every move. Had he made a huge mistake by coming here? There was no way for him to help himself now, to escape the dangers that seemed to lurk in the shadows. His own thoughts tormented him to no end. “Won’t somebody save me?”

As if his inaudible cry for help had been heard, a bright light in this barely lit world illuminated his mind. Something connected with him like nothing else had ever done before and it felt pleasant… and warm… Curious as to where this amazing connection had come from, Galactic Marvl rose above the garbage can that sheltered him, just in time to see a young girl pass by the alley he was in. What a beautiful soul, he thought. The innocence, the sincerity, the open-mindedness. Knowing words in his own language wouldn’t suffice, Galactic Marvl reached out to the little girl in the only other way he knew of: through his mind. And as if life itself had planned for this to happen all along, the girl responded.

Out of all the things that Galactic Marvl had expected to happen, this was the one thing he had truly hoped for. The girl stopped and looked straight at him. There was no fear to be found in her eyes, nor was there aversion. There was only curiosity and an strong desire to know, to understand. Galactic Marvl was hooked. When he set out on his journey, he knew he wanted to share his experience with someone. But the planet seemed cold and harsh and he became unsure about whether or not there would be anyone on Earth he could really connect with. Until now…

Galactic Marvl’s mind was floating. Galactic Marvl didn’t care about the darkness surrounding him, nor did fear consume him when two men with black glasses creeped up on him. He reached out to the girl and she reached back. And as they both closed their eyes and Galactic Marvl’s fingertip touched the little girl’s warm and strangely soft skin for the first time, something magical happened.

Within the blink of an eye, both Galactic Marvl and the little girl had vanished into thin air, leaving the special agents to wonder in disbelief. Through their touch, Galactic Marvl and the girl had established the ultimate connection and now, she got to experience the beauty of his world. From the mansion-sized mushrooms to the bright-colored rocks and strange foliage, it was all there for her to take in, just so she could understand the ways of the small creature she had dared to approach. Together, they soared higher than ever before. And with every passing second, she learned more about Galactic Marvl and the world he had come from. But eventually, the magic dwindled down. They were led back to the place where they first met, which again seemed so distant and imbalanced. There was no knowing what awaited them there. But at least they had each other. For now…


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