Jack&Jordan: “We secretly listened to each other’s music”


Jack Lamond & Jordan Rothery are not just two ordinary lads living the dream. Hailing from the UK, these two are amongst the fastest rising duos in electronic music, continually reeling in the extensive support of some of the industry’s finest. Finally, we can proudly announce that Jack&Jordan are part of the Armada Family, taking their brand new record ‘Somebody’ to Armada Trice. In addition, we sat down with them and we got to discuss their brand new tune, their style of music, and how they’ve gotten so intertwined with electronic music on such a tender age.

Can you describe your style?
“In short: atmosheric breakdowns, and energetic drops. I guess you could say we’re mainly focused on the atmospheric value of our music. We like to try and create some sort of thick ‘feeling’, especially in the breakdowns (using our tracks ‘Throne’ and ‘Somebody’ for example).

We don’t like to think we stick to one style, but we make sure each track sounds like a distinctive Jack&Jordan record. Energy is also really important in our music, so we spend a lot of time piecing everything together in a way to make sure it flows well, sometimes re-arranging entire projects just to build them up again.”


How did you get into electronic music?
Jack: “I was heavily influenced by Afrojack and Sidney Samson when I first began making music.. I was all about ‘dirty Dutch’ music. The simple squeaky sounds and the short snappy kick drums inspired me to recreate my favorite songs, eventually leading to the creation of my own tracks.”

Jordan: “I was introduced to dance music by Porter Robinson and the ‘complextro’ scene. It was all just so impressive and detailed, you could hear the amount of time and effort that went in. I feel like the important kind of music is the kind that makes you feel something. And that’s when I thought: ”Hey, I want to do that”. Whether it’s ”this drop is sick!” or ”Holy moly, this is beautiful”, as long as people feel something when listening to our music, we’re happy.”

Jack: “It’s kinda funny how we got together actually. We’d been secretly listening to each other’s music on our old YouTube channels for ages without ever knowing, and one day Jordan messaged me on there to introduce himself and asked to do a track together.”

Jordan: “It was one of those hard-to-believe moments when Jack told me he’d been following me for ages too. We ended up talking for hours on end – something just ‘clicked’. One thing led to another. A couple hundred .flps (project files) passed through Skype later and here we are.”

How did ‘Somebody’ come about?
Producers will know those times where ideas are flowing and things just ”start happening”. We had this vocal kicking around, wrote a melody, some chords, and everything else just ”happened”. Sometimes you hit a brick wall when writing music, you’re not sure which direction to turn, or what to do. But this time around, everything we added just felt natural. The finished track sounds the same as when we started it, and it’s one of the releases we’re most proud of.

What are your plans?
Apart from a few really cool collaborations and ‘solo’ releases coming up? World Domination.

What song marks the perfect ending?
We always end with a track that means a lot to us. For example, Moguai’s track ‘Champs’. Truthfully though, we can never decide on just one song, and in the last few minutes you want to cram as much energy as possible to drop some jaws. So we like to mix it all up and finish the show with a bang.

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