John Dahlbäck: ‘Why not have the Raven turn people into ravers?”


John Dahlbäck is an artist with a history. His discography dates back to early 2000’s (2002 to be exact) and the Swedish electronic music veteran has been continuously enhancing his sound from that very moment. After turning to the Armada Trice imprint twice in early 2015, he launched his brand new single ‘Raven’ with an equally distinctive music video. And that led to this very moment, where we were given the chance to sit down with Mr. John Dahlbäck for a bit of small talk…

You’ve been in the game for quite a while! Could you describe your sound and how it has been developing?
Well, the sound has developed a lot since I started, obviously. I had a much softer sound in the beginning. I leaned more towards deep house and worked more with traditional musicians and stuff. It also had room for some sort of piano solo. Now, however, it’s very “direct”. It’s much more dance floor driven, and more simple. I think the best songs only have a few elements.

We really love ‘Raven’ and it’s amazing to see how it’s been picked up! How did this track come about and can you tell us something about the awesome music video?
The track turned out to be exactly like I wanted it to. I wanted to have a ravey old school piano chord progression with funky drums on top and then a massive drop. Right after I finished it, I thought it was ok. But after I tried it in a club later on, I was like: “Wow! This is massive!”

The idea for the music video actually came from me and my manager. It’s a word play of “Raven” and “rave”, so why not have the Raven turn people into ravers?

You’ve got quite a crazy schedule touring, producing and managing your own label. Where do you find the time to relax and what do you do besides all the music?
I just try to spend time with family and friends when I’m not doing shows. When I’m on the road, I am 100% work. Even when I have some spare time during tours, I try to do as much work as possible.

What are your thoughts on the current electronic music climate?
Well,… it’s interesting for sure. To be completely honest, I feel like a lot of producers are lost because no one knows what sort of music will go down well. Apart from that, too many people are involved right now, just because it’s so popular. It seems like a lot of people have forgotten all about the nightclub scene. Everything is all so festival driven nowadays.

What can we expect from you in the near future?
My album! I’ve been working so long on it, but all the pieces are finally coming together and I’m very excited about the feedback!

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