Juicy M: “Female DJs are considered a fake project by default…”


Hammering at the gates of the Electronic Music stronghold with her feel-good vibes and energetic creations, Juicy M is readily becoming an integral part of the industry’s elite. Having worked her way up through sheer passion and love for music, she’s the sterling example of how determination translates to success, and she’s got the massive social backing to show for it. She’s been kind enough to sit down with us to have a chat about all the aspects of the DJ life, how it all began, and her new single ‘Skies’ feat Endemix. Read on for the full story on all that Juicy M is about…

Thank you for sitting down with us today. Now, despite the staggering amounts of fans you’ve gathered to date, there are bound to be some out there that do not know what Juicy M is all about. So for the sake of introduction, let’s start at the very beginning. When did you start dreaming of the DJ life?
Oh, I started dreaming of this life when I was a little girl! I was dreaming to be a resident DJ of the best club in my home town, which is actually very small, haha. I had no idea that it all turned out to be something as big as it has become today. The main dream started when I saw huge stars like Tiësto and Armin van Buuren on the internet, and I realized that it was something that could become really big. That’s when I understood that there are no limits.”

What do you consider to be your signature sound?
“It’s definitely really energetic music. I love to make people dance and I love to see people having fun. I still feel like a little girl in a big world, and I love to have fun as well. So to me, it’s all about having a good time, and I think my music sets out to do just that.”

How do you cope with being a mom and a DJ on tour at the same time? Does it make it harder to focus on the job at hand or does it make you even more motivated to give it your all on stage?
“This experience definitely changed my life completely. It’s definitely harder, but I feel it makes me much stronger and even more professional as well. And of course, it has boosted my motivation enormously!”

What has been your most memorable performance so far?
“I performed in South Africa at H2O on October 10th. It’s been such an honor for me to perform on the main stage there. I’ve known the promoters since the early stages of my career and I used to perform at that very same festival as a hip-hop DJ on a small stage in the back many years ago. That being said, it was amazing to perform on prime time on the main stage and to feel the energy from the people there. And they had brought so many posters as well. It was really nice.”


What does music mean to you personally?
“I think it’s kind of an escape for me. When you are in a crazy mood, you can put on your favorite record, go crazy, jump around, and feel like “Woohoo”. But when you feel sad, you can play something different and it would just make you think or cry.”

What are your thoughts on the current electronic music climate?
“I think it’s incredible to see how the electronic music industry is evolving. It has grown so fast. For instance, you see so many private jets when you land on Ibiza. It’s all so next level. There’s these amazing video clips, collaborations with huge stars selling certified platinum all over the world, and so many other things. I’m so in love with this scene, because I feel I can do something bigger and better every year.

And then I’m not even talking about the massive festivals out there. They are incredible! It’s hundreds, even thousands of people from all over the world jumping together and representing their countries. It’s amazing to see all of them united.

Do you feel as if you have to prove yourself more because you are a woman in a male-dominated industry?
Rather yes than no. It’s strange, but all female DJ are considered as some kind of fake projects by default. There is nothing like this happening to male DJs.

What would you recommend to other female (or male) DJs trying to succeed as an artist?
Make sure you’re professional in what you do and then just show your talents to the world. Just do it

Can you tell us something about your latest release, ‘Skies (I Don’t Wanna Come Down)’ feat. Endemix?
It’s the first of nine tracks I made during my no-release break in February 2015 and I’m very happy that I can finally start showing my works to my fans! ‘Skies’ is one of my latest productions though. It holds a slightly different approach as I started using Omnisphere, which gives me more acoustic sounds, especially guitars. I’m really proud of this work and I hope my fans will like it as well.

Can you tell us something about your collaboration with Endemix?
My first track with these guys was ‘Show Me Love’. I really like working with them and they also did the lyrics for my upcoming track with Jimmy Clash and Miss Palmer called ‘Rowcraft’, which will be released very soon.

Can you tell us a bit about your workflow in the studio, especially when working with other artists?
It’s different every time. For the last tracks I made, I received top lines from vocalists, making it a pretty straight-forward process as the melody and mood of the track are already in place. If it’s collaborations with other producers, most of the times I just send them my unfinished ideas and they finish the track. In January, I’ll be working in real-time with vocalists in my studio. I never tried it before and I’m really excited about it.

What is the sound you want to embrace with JUMMP Records?
JUMMP Records is back in April 2016 and will have the same bouncy and energetic style. I would say it’s all about positive energy; no dark or depressive tracks.

What do you aim to accomplish with JUMMP Records? What are your goals when it comes to the label!
I started the label because I was receiving so many cool unreleased promos for my podcast. I once had the same problem of big labels not taking my tracks, so the idea was to support young talents and now I’m really glad this support goes to the next level due to joining to Armada family.


What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
Well, I love to dream big. So maybe number one in DJ Mag! *laughs*

What is Armada Music to you?
Armada is a cool family, and I’m so happy to be a part of it! Thanks, guys!

Is there anything else you’d like to add or say to your fans?
Keep following me, because I have so many great things coming up you’re going to love. Stay tuned!

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