Pierce Fulton: “‘Landmines’ is a merging of two sides of me”


Mixing it up between hard-hitting club styled cuts and down-tempo compositions, Pierce Fulton is one of the most versatile talents to emerge from the seemingly undying pool of electronic music talent. Finding himself living the dream at the tender age of 23 years old, the American producer is one of the most innovative and versatile revelations to hit the scene. In line with the release of his brand new single ‘Landmines’ (feat. JHart), we got to sit down with him to explore his sound and personal preferences concerning music. Check it out…

Can you describe your style?
“I like to think my style, as of right now, is a merging. It combines the electronic music people have known Pierce Fulton for with this new influence, coming from what I was doing musically before I even knew about dance music. ‘Landmines’ is a great first example of the merging of those two sides of me; the whole song is made up of guitars I recorded, mixed with electronic elements that add the ‘dancy’ energy.”

How did you get into electronic music?
I have been playing music for a large portion of my life before discovering electronic music. When I was around 17 years old, I met a Venezuelan exchange student friend at my high school and he showed me this whole world of electronic music I had never known about. I think he showed me some Carl Cox and Pete Tong mixes at first, and I was just so fascinated. I had been dabbling with some hip hop production at the time, but shifted gears and tried dance music out right after discovering it.


We’re really digging ‘Landmines’! How did this track come about?
‘Landmines’ is actually an example of my favorite way to make a song. I had a session lined up with JHart, who’s both really cool and SUPER talented. We worked on one song that I had already made an idea for and we were just developing a vocal around it. I never ended up using it, but we finished the idea on it and had like 30 min left in the studio I rented. I was just playing around with these chords on piano and he was like “hey keep playing that” and started singing ideas. I then pitched a few ideas and we went back and forth, developing the vocal in 10 minutes and recorded it in the last 20 minutes we had in the studio. Luckily, he’s a killer vocalist, so he nailed it on his first try and we made a song in 30 minutes.

You can still hear the piano as the initial idea. It stayed the same since we wrote it, right when “you say you wanna stay, for just another day” comes in. It was just a super natural way of writing a song and it’s my favorite way to do it.

What artist or group has been a big inspiration to you?
I have a friend that goes by the artist name EDEN, who’s one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever come across. And I’m not just saying that because he’s a friend. The kid is 19 years old and he writes, produces, sings, does everything on his own music and it really is incredible work. Just seeing him explode recently has been really inspiring, because it’s one of those cases where someone really deserving of recognition is actually getting it. Definitely check him out if you haven’t already.


Can you tell us something about upcoming projects?
I have three songs I’m releasing with Armada Music, which is really exciting. The first is ‘Landmines’, second is a song called ‘Sentimental Fool’, and the third is one of two songs I am currently finishing up. Between those, I’ll be testing out some of my more alternative style music. So there will be a mix of classic Pierce Fulton style songs and this new sound I’ve been developing. Exciting times!

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