The 5 tunes that shaped MÖWE


There’s no denying it, there’s no pretending otherwise, and there’s no avoiding the question altogether. If music has once touched your soul and illuminated your very existence, there’s bound to be a bunch of records that instigated such a passionate fire in the first place. As MÖWE’s huge new single ‘Lovers Friends’ hits the world, we unearth the five tunes that shaped one half of the Deep House duo: Melanie…

  1. The Naked and Famous – The Sun

“When I first heard that track, I was so moved by the chords of the song. It just sounds so mystic. Then the song starts with this awesome static vocal, which just stands out in this sound landscape. It’s simply amazing what they are doing and I really love the voice of Alisa Xayalith.”

  1. The XX – You Got The Love

“The XX were the first act I heard on the radio who totally blew me away with the unbroken intimacy in their voices, underlined by the minimalistic beat Jamie XX came up with for the cover. When I heard it, it was clear to me that there lies a certain beauty in two voices singing together. That is, if they match somehow naturally.”

  1. Elohim – Xanax

“This is a very young artist and I just discovered her. But I wanted to point her out, because – in her song ‘Xanax’ – she talks about a certain feeling which many of us certainly experienced somehow. She also does everything live, which is very important to me. People should not forget about the beauty of playing a real instrument. That being said, I really like her voice. It has something very calm and soothing in it.”

  1. Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place

“This song has been forever in my life and I couldn´t have done some things without it. It also made us think about starting to use some electronic influences in our former band. I think there´s nothing more to say, apart from the fact that Thom York is king.”

  1. Bloc Party – This Modern Love

“Good ol’ Bloc Party gets me every time when it is played somewhere. Kele [Okereke] has an outstanding voice and style of singing, and when I first heard him sing, I fell in love. Bloc Party also played a very inspiring role in our band life, because of their song arrangements and the power – but also fragility – in their songs. Another really good example of power and fragility in a song is M83 – ‘Before The Dawn Heals Us’. I totally love that song!

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