The 5 tunes that shaped: Thomas Gold

There’s no denying it, there’s no pretending otherwise, and there’s no avoiding the question altogether. If music has once touched your soul and illuminated your very existence, there’s bound to be a bunch of records that instigated such a passionate fire in the first place. Today, none other than Thomas Gold himself unveils the tunes that made him pursue a career in music and become the very best. These are the 5 tunes that shaped Thomas Gold (except for the fact that he chose six!)…

CeCe Peniston – Finally
I just LOVE this track. The piano and the vocal work so well together with the dance/club groove and it’s a great sing-along track, yet not cheesy at all. I’m still a big fan of the all-over production; the sounds are clean and punchy and it sounded awesome in the clubs back then. It’s a bit of a shame that we didn’t hear much from her after this one.

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You
This track changed something in the dance and club music scene. The extreme pumping sound was fresh and new. How they distorted nearly everything in the mix without destroying the sound was also amazing; it was something new and refreshing in the world of music. I remember that this track was being played EVERYWHERE for such a long time and I still love it!

Zedd – Clarity
I found it very impressive how Zedd transformed his own production sound from a clubby, punchy and kind of aggressive approach into a beautiful and radio-friendly pop-club crossover. “Clarity” was one of the first so-called EDM tunes to become really big, making it onto radio and all festival stages worldwide. ‘Clarity’ has definitely influenced the way in which I approach producing dance tracks.

Roger Sanchez – Another Chance
I remember dancing to this track at Pacha Ibiza myself when Roger played one of his legendary all-night sets. It was the last track of the night and the lights already went on as it was playing. The vibe was incredible. One of my best Ibiza memories ever.

Swedish House Mafia – One
‘One’ signaled a whole new approach to club music. The Swedes had done impressive stuff before that track, but ‘One’ was unique in every way. It caused such a stir in the dance world; everybody was raving about it. And I am sure that most of us producers got influenced by it in one way or another.

Adele – Set Fire To The Rain
To me, Adele has one of the greatest voices of our time and nearly everything she sings is fantastic. I got the chance to remix ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ when it came out and it was quite a challenge. Eventually, Adele even gave approval herself, which was amazing. The remix got so much support from all the big names. It was also kind of my breakthrough track for the U.S. I was and still am very proud of being given the chance to remix this legendary song.

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