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10 Essential House Playlists on Spotify


Alright! You made it to this page! Bet you expected some fancy intro here, but that’s not what you came all the way here for, is it? Instead, we’ll just cut to the chase and get you clued up on a few House playlists on Spotify that you just have to listen to. Let’s call these the 10 Essential House Playlists. Go check them out!

Armada Deep Top 100 – Armada Music
If you’re looking to find some fresh House music, this is definitely the playlist for you. Fuelled by the endeavors of Armada Music sub label Armada Deep, the Armada Deep Top 100 playlist on Spotify bundles 100 of the best (Deep) House records of the moment, just so you can play some of the finest tunes out loud. How else are you going to find your next favorite record?

Totally Tropical House – Spotify UK
If the music in this playlist doesn’t make you think of white-sand beaches, big palm trees, and mighty ocean waves crashing against the rocks, there might be something seriously wrong with the title of this playlist (or, you know, something wrong with you… #oops #didwejustsaythatoutloud). Nevertheless, these tropical House beats guarantee some quality chill-out time when you need it the most. What’s not to like?

House Top 1000 – Armada Music
Why settle for 100 records when you can get your hands on a thousand at once? If that question popped up in your mind when checking out the Deep House Top 100 playlist, you’ll feel right at home at Armada Music’s House Top 1000 playlist. This one blends old-school House classics with a few of the more recent gems. A bit of everything, yet all of the goodness you’re looking for.

Chill House – Spotify
Yep, this one is where it’s at. That is, if you just want to lay back in your chair, close your eyes, and forget all about the things you have to deal with on a daily basis. This Chill House playlist focusses on – what else – the ‘Chill’ aspects of House music. But we reckon the title of the playlist already spoiled that deep, dark secret for you, did it not?

FreshEDM – Spotify
If you sincerely believe that House is the only genre worthy of your attention, the name ‘FreshEDM’ might give you the shivers. Don’t be mistaken though. With over a 100 tracks including cuts from Kygo, Nore En Pure, and more, there’s plenty of genuine House music for you to explore and enjoy. Plus, keeping an open mind towards other music genres might actually open a whole new world for you. We promise it’ll be a journey worth remembering.

Daily Deep House – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Although this is the only user-generated playlist in this list, it doesn’t mean that there’s no (or less) good house music to be found in it. It’s got Robin Schulz, Lost Frequencies, Disclosure, you name it. It’s got all of the Deep House music needed to get you through the day, month, year, and the rest of your lifetime. Thank you for this, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. (Yes, the username is made up of sixteen exclamation marks. We counted them ourselves.)

Smash The House Radio – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
Jup, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s Smash The House Radio playlist also classifies as House, though some of you might think otherwise. Regardless, their personal flavor of Electro House is a very important fixture in the world of House playlists (and in the rest of the Electronic Music universe, really). It would be considered a sin not to feature their playlist.

Future House – Spotify
Who knew that the House music of today could also be the House music of the future? Well, Spotify did for sure. Their Future House playlist garnered a good amount of subscribers so far, and it’s got some really good tunes in its ranks as well. What else could you possibly need?

ElectroNow – Spotify
Comprising tunes as powerful as the records featured in Dimitri & Vegas & Like Mike’s Smash The House playlist, yet with more delicate creations mixed in, Spotify’s ElectroNow is by far the most popular playlist in this blog. Backed up by more than 2.5 million subscribers, ElectroNow has some of the most sought-after House music in its ranks, which is probably the reason why some many people favor this playlist over any other. It may not be an entirely House-only playlist, but it sure is thriving.

House Relax – Spotify
The House Relax playlist is also drafted up by Spotify, but isn’t exactly the same as their Chill House playlist. Although one would think they are essentially the same, this playlist features a bit more driving bass sounds and more standard 4-to-the-floor rhythms. It’s still pretty well suited for relaxing and chilling though.

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