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How to make the most of Facebook as an artist

You are – of course – the hottest talent of this generation and you want people to notice. Luckily, being a child of this era offers some sweet benefits when it comes to social exposure. After all, it has never been easier to spread your music to the rest of the world.

But how do you stand out enough to really make a difference in a music world so full of aspiring DJs? And how do you keep all of your fans around and excited? Armada Music’s very own social media experts reveal what it takes to successfully maintain your channels and share the secrets of social media. Today’s subject: how to make the most of Facebook as an artist…

Facebook Live
Facebook Live is what you need to spoil your fans with exclusive DJ sets, sneak previews of new tracks, live studio sessions, and everything else you could think of. Why you should use it? Because you need to show your fans you’re out there. The world has to know you’re working your hardest to become a bigger and better artist. After all, no one wants to commit to an artist who doesn’t (seem to) put in any effort in building a career. So let them have some unrestricted access once in a while. Luckily, Facebook Live is just the right tool for the job.

Create An Ongoing Post Schedule
The second trick builds on the point we tried to get across in the previous paragraph. You have to let your fans know you’re ambitious and dedicated to the cause. To do so, you have to know that consistency is vital. You simply cannot just take a three-week break from music. Your fans WILL notice and it WILL cost you. So whenever you’re about to leave for a well-deserved holiday or just discovered that you will have limited or no access to internet for some time, schedule your posts and updates. It saves you having to build up your fan base from scratch again.

Although this one isn’t necessarily tied to Facebook as today’s subject, Snapchat is easily linked to Facebook. Plus, it enables you to give your fans easy access to whatever you’re up to on the road, in the studio, or wherever you are. Its main feature is that it’s really easy to use. And because it can be used practically anywhere as long as you carry a smartphone, it’s a great way to keep your fans excited and engaged. Check out how the pros do it at one of our other blogs: 10 DJs You Need To Follow On Snapchat.

Quality Over Quantity
YEAH! You got it! You’re letting your fans know you’re alive and kicking on a regular basis! But as good as that may sound, this doesn’t mean that crappy pictures or blurry videos will keep them satisfied. Don’t get us wrong, videos and photos from backstage and during the show are perfect, but you have to make sure it’s all tip-top quality. Otherwise, people won’t even be able to enjoy your posts.

Extra little side note: don’t overload your posts with text either. Whenever someone’s scrolling through his timeline, the images are the things that grab someone’s attention. Nobody’s visually enticed by a random message in Times New Roman 12.

Don’t Limit Yourself To Posting Single Artworks
You’re proud of your product and want to show off the artwork. That’s great and all, but posting artworks every single time can become a bit annoying. Not only will it fail to get you any likes, shares, or whatever you’re after, it can also cut your fan base in half. Instead, switch it up between different pieces of content such as videos, live studio sessions, etc.

Do Not Annoy Your Followers By Posting (Too Many) Links
Look, we get it. You want to sell your product, because making money ensures that you can continue doing what you love, right? But posting ‘BUY HERE NOW’ links gets old really fast. We can’t stop you if you really want to, but keep in mind that your true fans will not need to be reminded to grab a copy of your music. It’s more likely that they’ve already purchased your song before you even posted a link to your track with, so it will only become more and more annoying the more you post that stuff.


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