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The Legends of Trance: Part 2


All great things in life start small and Trance is no exception. It captivated its first batch of listeners in the early ’90s, and became one of the world’s leading sounds soon after. Now, an Electronic Music palette without Trance is unthinkable. So, as a dedication to those making that happen, we honor those who deserve recognition for the role they played in the meteoric rise of the genre. After The Legends of Trance: Part 1, we proudly present part two in the series!

The Legends of Trance: Marvo V

The uplifting melodies and techno-driven sounds of Marco V have got to ring a Trance fanatic’s bell. The Dutch DJ – whose son Thomas Newson is also an accomplished DJ and producer – is responsible for singles such as ‘In Charge’, ‘Godd’, and the legendary ‘Simulated’. He may not be a part of the Trance scene any longer, but the legacy he left continues to inspire people all over the world.

The Legends of Trance: Conjure One/Rhys Fulber

Even for those who claim to be among the biggest Trance fans that have ever roamed this earth, this is a tricky one. Conjure One is an electronic music project headed by Rhys Fulber, better known as a member of Front Line Assembly and its side project: Delerium. And where do we know Delerium from? Indeed, from one of the biggest trance records ever made… ‘Silence’!

After leaving both Front Line Assembly and Delerium to pursue a solo career, Rhys Fulber went on to create Conjure One. He’s been churning out ambient-style productions ever since and recently dropped by at Armada Music to deliver his latest album: ‘Holoscenic’. So, now you know! 🙂

The Legends of Trance: Paul Oakenfold

Nothing we write about this guy could actually do him justice. Let’s craft up a list, shall we? Paul Oakenfold was voted #1 DJ of the world in 1998 and 1999, remains at the pinnacle of the scene with his legendary Perfecto Records label, was nominated for three Grammys, produced for pop sensations such as U2 and Madonna, wrote scores for movies such as The Bourne Identity and Matrix Reloaded, and so much more. We could really go on for hours. He meant and still means the world to Electronic Music in general, Trance music included. That’s Paul Oakenfold in a nutshell.

The Legends of Trance: Gaia

Ah, the mysterious and cloaked duo that is Gaia. The older Trance fans among us can probably still remember that it all started with ‘4 Elements’ sixteen years ago. It remained a bit quiet in the years after but ever since their comeback in 2009, they are killing it! From ‘Tuvan’, ‘Status Excessu D’, and ‘J’ai Envie de Toi’ to newer cuts such as ‘Incarnation’ and ‘Inyathi’, Gaia churn out at least one Trance classic every year. These guys will keep the spirit alive for time to come.

The Legends of Trance: Ferry Corsten

There’s no doubt that Ferry Corsten’s illustrious career really started taking off when ‘Out Of the Blue’ was released. This career-changing track hit the world in 1999 under his System F moniker and went on to become a dance floor smash all over the world, even reaching the Top 20 in the UK Singles Charts. Countless other Trance classics followed and,  even though he has branched out to other genres as well,


Two parts down, at least five more to go! Check them out for more Legends Of Trance…

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