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How To Use Reverb - Part One - The Basics


Sultan + Shepard’s Top 10 of 2016

Sultan + Shepard know what makes a tune stand out. The Grammy-nominated DJs and producers have a slew of internationally acclaimed hit songs under their belt and they have shown their unrivalled production skill on countless occasions, most recently with…


The Tale of Ruben de Ronde: ‘My Story’

Ruben de Ronde has come a long way. Since embarking onto the scene, the celebrated Dutchman has taken his signature sound to screaming crowds all over the world, all the while securing a spot at the acclaimed A State…

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Twenty Timeless Trance Classics – Part 1

In these days where tracks are often forgotten within a month, it’s nice to remember the ones that have never stopped going strong. To remember the songs that touched our hearts, made us she a tear and kept us going time and…


Armin van Buuren’s Top 5 Fan Gifts

December 25th… Half the world gathers around the Christmas tree and eyeballs the pile of presents. But not Armin van Buuren. Because on that very same day, the man himself is celebrating his birthday! To get him in the mood for the…