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The Favorite Plug-Ins of: MaRLo

It doesn’t matter if you’re a producer yourself or just an all-around music addict. At least once in your life, you’ve encountered a sound so brilliantly unique you just have to know how it came to be. And since MaRLo has proven…

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How To Use Limiters / Limiting Explained

Everybody seems to want to use Limiters, but only a handful of people go about it the right way. If you don’t know what you’re doing, using a limiter will do a lot more harm than good. Want to…

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Distortion Explained

You’ve done it; you’ve created a mixdown that’s absolutely flawless. There’s only one problem. It all sounds way too clean. And that’s not really what you wanted, is it? Thankfully, all is not lost. You can still bring the…

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EQ Explained – The Basics

If we were to ask a thousand up-and-coming producers about the tool they use most, EQ would top the list. But even though its use seems pretty straightforward, a lot of people think too lightly of EQ and what it does. This could…

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How To Use Compression – Part One – The Basics

Have you ever wondered why your buddy’s kick drum has more ‘oomph’ than yours? Are you struggling to make a certain sound pump through your mix clearer without having to increase the volume drastically? What you need is compression.…