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A State Of Trance Festival Utrecht: The Highlights

With a stage at Ultra Miami soon to prolong the best moments of A State Of Trance Festival Utrecht, it is high time to look back on yet another night that brought the Trance crowds together. Naturally, there were plenty of things that you could’ve missed out on as you lost yourself in the epic moments happening elsewhere. So here they are, especially for you, the highlights of A State Of Trance Festival Utrecht…

The start of it all…
For the lot of you that have travelled far and wide to catch a glimpse of your heroes, this is what you and the other tens of thousands of people looked like when waiting for the start of it all. It involves running to the merchandise stands at top speed, giving each other pats on the back to share joy and excitement before being allowed to enter, and preparing yourself for one of the greatest things life has to offer.

01. Entrance

Jack (The Voice of ASOT) finally makes a live appearance!
At long last, the one and only Jack made a live appearance and demonstrated why his voice is the one that gets you in A State Of Trance every single time. We’ll get you the bananas, Jack!

KhoMha puts some of that feisty Colombian spirit in the mix!
One word… Insane! The way in which KhoMha tore down the walls of the main stage is beyond anything we’ve ever seen. We can only applaud you, KhoMha.

Armin van Buuren announces new dates Armin Only Embrace World Tour
No less than eight destinations have been added to the existing two dates of the Armin Only Embrace world tour, bringing the grand total to ten shows so far. That has got to be a highlight, unless you cannot witness any of those new dates. But even if that is the case, there will be more shows soon. You might get lucky then!

Fans can celebrate 15 years of A State Of Trance with Armin van Buuren by leaving a message!
Fifteen years of A State Of Trance. A great landmark that has to be celebrated in the best possible way with the best people in the world. And those people are you, the fans. And many of you just had to celebrate 15 years of A State Of Trance with Armin by leaving a message yourself. Sweet!



Armin van Buuren finally gets handed his ASOT cake!
After an unsuccessful attempt in the previous A State Of Trance Utrecht edition to get his cake to Armin, one of the Dutch ASOT fans finally made it work. He was invited into the radio dome and got to personally deliver his pie. And it was absolutely delicious!

#ASOTFESTNL is a piece of cake! 🍰🎂 who wants a piece? 😉

Een video die is geplaatst door A State Of Trance (@asotlive) op

Gareth Emery drops a series of gorgeous singles from third artist album: ‘100 Reasons To Live’!
From ‘Save Me’ feat. Christina Novelli and ‘Lost’ feat. Janet Devlin to main stage destroyer ‘Until We Meet With Ben Gold’; Gareth Emery gave all a sneak preview of his forthcoming album. The #trancefamily will be looking forward to its release from now on… A LOT!

Gareth Emery

Trance is dead? Are you sure?!
Do you really think the era of Trance is long past? Have you asked the 30.000 people from all over the world partying their guts out? No? Well, your loss!

Crowd shot 3

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    Shane sowtus
    August 27, 2016 at 1:18 am

    Thank you so much for capturing the photo of me at the top of the banner and using it on you page, brilliant photo and an amazing night, cant wait for the next one, keeping the trance alive, all the best Shane sowtus

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