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Armada Captivating: no limitations, only possibilities


Armada Captivating is about to hit the Undercurrent venue in Amsterdam with a sound that qualifies as both refreshing and diverse. As the main man behind the Armada Captivating imprint and its musical direction, label manager Joël de Vriend has been strongly intertwined with Armada Music’s new event concept from the very start. He’s been able to twist, turn, and mold the event into the complete package set to captivate plenty of Amsterdam Dance Event 2015 attendees. Distinguishing the fine lines between the Armada Captivating event and the label itself, Joël explains the foundations of both parts of the equation. And more importantly, what to expect from one of the two Armada Music party contributions to this year’s ADE…

Where does the Armada Captivating label imprint stand in the Electronic Music spectrum and how would you describe its sound?
“Armada Captivating stands for the constant change that music is going through, whilst still paying respects to its roots. Giving young talent a place to start, grow and flourish, whilst allowing for the big and experienced artists to reinvent themselves and pursue their musical goals. No limitations, only possibilities!

When it comes to sound, Armada Captivating stands perfectly between Trance and Progressive. The tunes released on the imprint are suitable for both main stages and clubs. Therefore, I would describe it as a very consistent chameleon, changing and adapting without deviating from the heart of the genre.”


What makes the Armada Captivating event stand out from the rest of the parties at ADE 2015?
“Armada Captivating brings you the best of our new young talents, new signings and familiar Armada faces. It combines the best of both worlds, brought to you by established names and huge prospects, all carrying a fresh sound to today’s musical spectrum. When it comes to this, I think we’ve got something unique and distinctive going on.”

How does the Armada Captivating event relate to the music of the Armada Captivating label?
“Armada Captivating is of course a leader in a certain style of sound. We want to blow a certain freshness or coolness through the scene and offer a new experience by blending the best of multiple genres. Armada Captivating will be represented by certain ambassadors like David Gravell, Heatbeat, and Husman, as well as bringing ‘new faces’ like KhoMha, Lush & Simon, and Rodg to the turntables. And as icing on the cake, Andrew Rayel, John Dahlbäck, and a very special guest will be showing us what Armada Captivating is all about.”

How has the Armada Captivating label sound developed over time?
“The sound has developed in such a way that it has become suitable for a broader audience. Trance is immensely popular with a certain crowd, but our main goal is to connect an even bigger audience to the genre!”

In previous editions of the Amsterdam Dance Event, Armada hosted the globally acclaimed Armada Night events. What was the reason for coming up with a new concept for this year’s ADE and why was this the right time to launch?
“We wanted something fresh, something new. On top of that, we want to appeal to an even bigger audience. Both Armada Music and Armada Captivating have always been regarded as Trance labels, even though we represent so much more than that alone. ADE is a new happening every year. Music lovers come to Amsterdam to experience the fresh change of direction in sound, and we thought this to be perfect moment to go full steam with a brand new concept.”

Can you walk us through the line-up and tell us why these artists are a must-see for anyone who enjoys a broad range of music genres?
“Of course, we have guys like Andrew Rayel, John Dahlbäck, Heatbeat and David Gravell to deliver the punch and power. But on top of that, guys like KhoMha, Husman, and Lush & Simon show us young talent isn’t something to be underestimated, whilst Ruben de Ronde, Rodg, and Disfunktion connect us to the real Progressive. And there’s a special guest known from main stages all over the world. Let’s call him an ambassador of both the genre and Armada Music!”


What does it mean for you personally to launch a freshly branded Armada Captivating event?
“Personally, it feels amazing to be able to showcase Armada Captivating during ADE. As label manager, you put a certain part of your personality into the music you work on with artists and release on the label. It’s great to see that something like that translates into an event during one of the most respected dance music conferences in the music industry!”

What can we expect from Armada Captivating in the future?
“If this night rocks your socks off, be very excited. It’s only the beginning of something amazing!”

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