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Armada Music – ADE 2015: Part 1


With one of the world’s main dance music conferences hitting Amsterdam for the twenty-first time, it’s no wonder that Armada Music is strongly intertwined with the Electronic Music happening. ADE 2015 marks the perfect occasion to expand the reach of a brand, appeal to new crowds, and connect with artists, record labels, and other music businesses to strengthen existing relationships and/or acquire new ones. Of course we’re involved, it would be strange not to. So without further ado, this is where we tell you about our endeavors during Amsterdam Dance Event 2015. Here is part one of Armada Music – ADE 2015.

Armada Music – ADE 2015: Costumes & Cars + #WeArmada
Plenty of agents, managers, aspiring music revelations, and business representatives will agree that suiting up for Amsterdam Dance Event 2015 is never a bad idea. It sends out signals of professionalism, ambition, and know-how, while simultaneously allowing for almost anyone to look astonishing.

For us, it is a way to strengthen our brand even further, and to create awareness for both our brand and our music. So we suited up in custom-made Armada suits, added a retro Volkswagen van to the mix, and went all out with four gorgeous Armada Branded Jaguar cars. You’ll be seeing these throughout all of Amsterdam this week, and there’s a great winning competition directly related to the #WeArmada hashtag you should definitely check out!


Armada Music – ADE 2015: The Club
Positioned between the office areas of Armada Music and Cloud 9, The Club is the latest addition to the company. Jam-packed with high-profile artists, press, and Armada invitees, The Club proved to be the perfect place to kick-start Amsterdam Dance Event 2015 for us and our artists.

Don’t believe us? Watch the recap below!


Armada Music – ADE 2015: Armada Captivating
You may have been there to witness the launch of this brand new event concept. If this was not the case, you have missed out on a night filled with pounding beats, immaculate performances, and everlasting memories. Armada Captivating set out to be a massive addition to the list of parties at Amsterdam Dance Event 2015 and it was nothing short of that!

With a line-up consisting of Armada Captivating curators and Electronic Music hotshots alike, Armada Captivating raged through the Undercurrent in Amsterdam with a blend of Progressive House and Trance 2.0. The team of top-tier artists completely obliterated the dance floor, allowing for the gathered fans to make the most of a night they didn’t want to end. Check out the recap below, alongside a list of all artists that have been performing their hearts out on the spot!

Massive thanks to:

Andrew Rayel
Armin van Buuren
David Gravell
Jochen Miller
John Dahlbäck
Lush & Simon
Mark Sixma
Ruben de Ronde
Sandro Silva


Armada Music – ADE 2015: Armada Spinning Sessions
And to top it all off, here is a great video we made. We really wanted to put our Workout Playlist on Spotify in the spotlight, and as it happened, it became our very own Armada Spinning Sessions!
You can watch the video below. And don’t forget to check out the playlist as well while you’re at it!

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