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Armin van Buuren @ The Flying Dutch Special!


If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much. Such a mindset could only be at the heart of The Flying Dutch, the festival that ravaged three different cities in the Netherlands past weekend. Its eye-popping line-up brought together ten of the world’s best Dutch DJs, each spoiling the crowd with their own blend of pounding beats and rough-edged synths. We followed our very own Armin van Buuren around throughout the day and have returned to report on it. So without further ado, here is the Armin van Buuren @ The Flying Dutch Special!

Armin van Buuren @ The Flying Dutch – Rotterdam – 3 till 4 PM
The Flying Dutch saw its first edition last year and a spectacle of such magnitude was destined to return a year later to thrive again. This time, The Flying Dutch was held simultaneously in three different Dutch cities (Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Amsterdam) and Armin van Buuren made his first stop in Rotterdam to play the Blue Stage at 3 PM. As always, Armin set out to bring the party to an even higher level and he did just that! Don’t believe us? Let the footage below convince you then!

Armin van Buuren @ The Flying Dutch – Eindhoven – 6 till 7 PM
Ringing the bell for round two in Eindhoven to play the White Stage on 6 PM, Armin van Buuren took the stage after Martin Garrix’ set, which unfortunately was interrupted temporarily due to massive showers. It didn’t kill the mood one bit though. When the sun began to shine again and the one and only ‘Dominator’ rose to the occasion, the madness began to really take shape. Afterwards, Armin van Buuren resorted to Facebook Live once again to show his way of transport to his final destination of the day…

Armin van Buuren – The Flying Dutch Amsterdam – 10 till 11 PM Closing Set
Two cities laid in ruin, one left to obliterate. Armin had the honor of playing the closing set on the Red Stage of The Flying Dutch Amsterdam and boy, did he deliver. Not only did he conjure a rather exhilarating live set, he even treated his audience to a very special guest and performance.

Taking the stage alongside Armin was none other than Dutch singer Marco Borsato, who performed during a special mash-up of his hit single ‘Rood’ with a load of Armin’s own highly-acclaimed creations. That’s what we’d call a perfect ending. Since Armin van Buuren brought carnage to three different stages and cities in such a short time, one could only look forward to The Flying Dutch in 2017. We’d sure relish the prospect of another edition.

Armin van Buuren – The Flying Dutch Amsterdam – Armin van Buuren’s Backstage Report
We were not the only ones who documented Armin’s triple-threat performance at The Flying Dutch. Armin himself did a backstage report of the festival for Radio 538, the biggest broadcasting station in The Netherlands. You can check out his backstage report below! Mind you, it’s Dutch only. But then again, you can just simply activate subtitles. Have fun!

Foto credits ©Floris Heuer

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