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How to make the most of any party!


After a long wait, you finally have the chance to attend the party of your life. You’ve checked the line-up, the artists you love are ready to give it their all, and you can barely contain your excitement… But before you start raving in the crowd, we’ve got some useful advice that might help you enjoy the night to its fullest. We’ll tell you how to make the most of any party.

Buy your ticket in advance
Although some of you might be reluctant to buy tickets in advance (for who knows what reason), we strongly recommend you to do so. Not only will you get guaranteed access to the event, but it will also save you some money as buying tickets at the door is generally more expensive.

Dress accordingly
Follow the dress code (if there is one) or go for a mix of comfortable, but fashionable style when there isn’t. You might be lazy and think it’s not worth the trouble, but trust us. You don’t want to be walking around in sluggish clothing. Who knows who you might bump into.

An extra little side note for the girls… High heels are of course pretty stylish, but would you still want to walk around in those after a few drinks and hours of dancing? We think not…

Be kind to other people around you
The fact that his has to be said means there is something terribly wrong. If you are standing in line outside the club, be patient. Shouting at the bouncer won’t get you inside any faster, nor will it be respectful toward other clubbers. They are waiting just like you, so keep a cool head.

Stay hydrated (drinking water)
Look, we get it. You are in your zone, rocking your body to the beat like a beast. But you have to remember to stay hydrated, even if that means taking a break from the carnage on the dance floor every now and then. So far, no one has ever remembered a great night by waking up in a hospital bed due to dehydration. We’re sure you won’t either.

Have fun and socialize
Clubbing is a great way to make friends, especially because you’re partying your guts out alongside people who feel strongly about the same kind of music you do.

Stay safe!
If someone is bothering you in any way, ask the security guys to help out. They are there for your safety. And do remember that you are not in a fight club. If you happen to accidentally bump into someone, apologize and move on. Don’t go looking for a fight. The dance floor is a better place if everyone keeps a positive attitude.

Respect the personal space of others
We know you’re excited. But do try to keep some distance while dancing. No one likes a dance floor maniac who goes around spilling drinks and stepping on people’s feet.

Live the moment
Don’t waste the moment recording the whole set…just live it! You will make the best memories. Plus, you are not a tourist. So don’t act like one.

Don’t take off your t-shirt on the dance floor…
Sweating on other people is really harsh. And don’t get us started about the smell…

Don’t get wasted!
Although some of you might actually go to a party to get drunk, we would like to impart that ending up completely wasted is not such a good idea. A couple of drinks to get you going is fine and will surely help you let your hair down. But don’t go overboard with the alcohol, or you’ll miss out on all the fun. And you are likely to lose (some of) your personal belongings as well. So please, drink responsibly. You can thank us later.

Don’t bring a laser pointer
If you do this, you’re a moron. Sorry, but it’s true. You can actually blind someone with those nasty little things… They can cause serious damage… Like in the gif below 🙂

Additional tips and tricks from a long-time party animal
In case you are a big fan of one of the artists performing that night, you might have been thinking about getting to meet him/her. It’s perfectly fine to take a picture together or to have your favorite CD signed, but please keep some simple things in mind.

Act as calm as you can around him or her; being a nice person will only improve your chance of success. Running toward the DJ screaming like there is an alien invasion will only make the artist think you are a weird dumbass. Most likely, security will escort you out in the blink of an eye.

If you feel like giving your favorite DJ a little gift, please note that – due to safety reasons – security can prohibit you from your bringing it inside the club. Just accept it and move on. It’s their job to be strict sometimes, regardless if you think you are right or not.

But most of all… hit the dance floor like crazy! Have fun and let us know how your night out is going. It should look like this one.

Written by Jessica Franco
Photo by Floris Heuer


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