MTV presents Lost Frequencies


Having traversed the many Amsterdam canals by bicycle, I arrived outside the famous Felix Meritis on Kaizersgracht. Welcomed by a deep red carpet and groups of people ready to pull an all-nighter, there was merely one conclusion to be drawn… It had all the makings of the most remarkable of nights.

As I entered the venue, I couldn’t resist feeling a bit out of place. It felt as if I was stepping into a 5-star hotel to speak at an international conference. After a friendly greeting, I was ushered down the hallway and beyond the queuing punters. As I made my way through the VIP lane, I entered the room where it was about to go down.

A quick glance to the side revealed ear-to-ear-smiles of numerous attendees, having their photo-booth moments captured by a professional photographer. I strode past the grouped laughter and flashes of white light and looked up. From that moment onwards, I was captivated.

Standing on stage in the great hall, just in front of the huge ‘MTV presents‘ screen: Ruben de Ronde. As his trademark progressive sounds echoed from the almighty PA system, it proved to be the kick-start of one of the most memorable club evenings.

More and more people arrived for the landmark occasion to showcase Lost Frequencies. The atmosphere built and led to a wide-spread sensation of intrigue, leaving all to wonder what the rest of the night would bring. And shortly after Ruben de Ronde finished off his DJ set in style, The Bearded Man, home of Lost Frequencies, took to the stage for some of the latest classics.

With The Bearded Man himself spoiling the crowd with a modernized take on ‘deep house meets summery vibes’, the dancefloor turned into a panorama of people brandishing mobile phones and cameras. All the signs pointed to an imminent take-over by the new revelation of Electronic Dance Music.

An applause louder than music itself erupted as Lost Frequencies entered through a side door. Like a tidal wave, everybody rushed to the front of the dancefloor, throwing their hands in the air as the unmistakable melody of ‘Are You With Me’ filled the venue.

If there were ever any doubts in regard to Lost Frequencies’ sudden leap onto to the top of the music industry, here is where they perished. Accompanied by deafening cheers begging the Belgian prodigy for ‘just’ one more song at the end of his set, it was time for Lost Frequencies to exit the stage in favor of fellow music sensation Dave Winnel. The bright Australian talent stepped up to the mark, taking the crowd on an epic journey with his trademark vibes right up until the end of the show.

Even if it hadn’t been my first ever Lost Frequencies show, it was truly a unique experience. And I, for one, can’t wait to attend the next edition!

 Written by Edward Gilmore
 Photos by Delicia Celik

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