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Ørjan Nilsen: “2015 has been a good type of brutal…”


With the growth of Electronic music we’ve seen throughout the years, its following has increased exponentially, especially in North America, where events such as Electronic Daisy Carnival and Basscon thrive. Sub genres are now the stars of their own festival, backed up by a full range of the genre’s pioneering artists. Dreamstate made its debut in Southern California and it was a test to see whether or not the trance community would come out and support the sparkling, international line-up that included high-rollers such as Paul Oakenfold, Ørjan Nilsen, and Simon Patterson.

All over the Damus Building, where Dreamstate was hosted in Southern California, plenty of #TranceFamily and A State Of Trance signs and flags were to be spotted in the crowd, alongside a sense of camaraderie unmatched by any other Insomniac event. Throughout the night, we had the chance to speak to many artists at the event after their live sets, and Armada’s very own Ørjan Nilsen was glad to sit down and talk to us about his performances and what he is currently working on…

Hi Ørjan! Thank you very much for sitting down with us. How are you feeling?
Hi. Thank you very much for having me. I’m a little big jet-lagged, but that all went away when I hit the stage and just performed for thousands of people. It’s amazing.

How was your set? How did the crowd react to your music?
It has been the tranciest set I have played in so many years. It featured a lot of old classic tracks as well. I tried to play a few more, but there is never enough time, so I had to cut it short. I would have loved to have played for like three hours if allowed. The crowd was very energetic and very happy with the music I was playing. They knew the words and the production and sound was on point. It has to be one of the best music festivals I have played at thus far in the States.

How has 2015 been treating you and what have you been up to?
It has been brutal, but a good type of brutal. I have been traveling a lot, touring, and also making sure to dedicate my time to the productions I have coming up in 2016. It has been a busy and very productive year for me and I don’t expect any less from 2016, which I’m very excited about.

How has your relationship been with Armada Music?
My relationship with Armada is great! It has been growing ever since I decided to work with them. One of the first guys that I had spoken with at Armada was Armin Van Buuren and at that time, we were using MSN to chat to each other. Ever since then, it has been a great and lasting relationship. They are very open with me and let me have my style of music; I can’t ask for a better company to work with.

With 2016 having just kicked off, what are some of the challenges that you are setting for yourself for this year?
Thankfully, I have had a lot of success in touring and playing at venues worldwide. Personally, I think my next step would be to try radio. But I keep setting more goals. For instance, lots more of traveling, having time to produce great music, and most especially that people have fun and enjoy the music when they come and see me play.

Can you give us a little exclusive about what you currently have out now that you want talk about?
I can tell you I have my vocal track out now called “What It’s All About” with the vocals of Mike James, which I am very happy about and have been playing in my live sets. I have been very happy with the response the track has been getting. Also, we have a special music video of that track, which actually includes fans from all over the world.

Any shout-outs or anything that you would like to say to your fans?
I want to thank everyone all over the world for their non-stop support, the people at Armada for giving me the courage to go out and achieve something that I hadn’t even dreamt about, but most importantly to the fans who give me and feed me their energy non-stop. I wouldn’t be able to do all that I do without the support of all the fans across the world. So thank you dearly from the bottom of my heart. In 2016, I’ll have a lot of big things in store for you.

We at Armada Music wish you nothing but the best and non-stop support and wish you an amazing 2016!
Thank you very much everyone! Cheers!


The Trance Family out of California proved not only to the promoters of the show – but also to the world – that Trance is very much alive and better than ever in North America. Dreamstate will be having a second stop in San Francisco, California on January 16 -17 at Bill Graham Auditiorium, with such artists as Aly & Fila, Markus Schulz, Paul Van Dyk, and many more. You can find more information at

Written by RobRoyLA

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