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The biggest moments of EDC Mexico and Ultra South Africa


What…a…weekend. In case you didn’t know, both Electric Daisy Carnival in Mexico and Ultra Music Festival in South Africa thrilled the amassed crowds less than a week ago. There were some grandiose things happening during these two multi-day spectacles, so we’ve compiled the biggest moments of EDC Mexico and Ultra South Africa to ensure that you don’t have to miss out on it all. Don’t hesitate scrolling down, because we’ve got stuff from Above & Beyond, Martin Garrix, Juicy M, Zedd, and more to show you…

01. Opening Ceremony EDC Mexico 2016
To make an event worthwhile, you should get your crowd hooked right off the bat. EDC Mexico is great at doing just that. Don’t believe it? Watch the opening ceremony below.

02. Ultra South Africa 2016 – Juicy M
Juicy M was one of the first acts of the day at Ultra south Africa 2016. But she blew everyone away as if she had a prime time spot at the main stage of the biggest event known to man. You can catch her complete live set right here. Enjoy!

Juicy M Ultra South Africa
03. EDC Mexico 2016 – Martin Garrix
His swift rise to fame is undoubtedly a deserved one. You can say anything you like, but Martin Garrix knows how to rock a party. One of the biggest highlight in the entire EDC Mexico 2016 weekend. He’ll be back for more within the next few years, you can be sure of that.

04. Ultra South Africa 2016 – Zedd – One More Time
Want to know how to make the crowd go REALLY crazy? Watch Zedd and you’ll know how…

05. EDC Mexico 2016 – Lost Frequences – Are You With Me
It’s been around one-and-a-half year since Lost Frequencies brought his trademark vibes to the people. Now, we’re once again reminded that the crowd is still with him. Great moment at EDC Mexico 2016: ‘Are You With Me’.

06. Ultra South Africa 2016 – Robin Schulz – As The Sun Goes Down
As music meets the magic of the moment, you will surely have chills running down your spine. But when Mother nature also throws in her two cents, it can change the world. And that’s exactly what happened during Robin Schulz’ set at Ultra South Africa 2016. Enjoy the view!

07. EDC Mexico 2016 – Alesso – Heroes
We can all be heroes, and Alesso showed that he’s one on stage at the very least. ‘Heroes’ still manages to bring elation to the thousands of people gathered on the festival grounds and got them all thrilled for what was left to come.

08. Ultra South Africa 2016 – The rain won’t stop the party…
We have to applaud the party people here. Many would have sought shelter when the sky crashed down on them, but not the crowd from Ultra South Africa 2016. They stood tall and stood strong, determined to take in every second of Galantis’ live performance.

Rain Ultra South Africa
09. EDC Mexico 2016 – Above & Beyond
It’s actually remarkable how easily Above & Beyond get to blow us away time and time again. This time, they did so by playing one of their most in-demand tunes: ‘Sun & Moon’ feat. Richard Bedford. It doesn’t often get any better than this, and we’re really glad to have been able to witness this.

10. Ultra South Africa 2016 – Dash Berlin
Dash Berlin is known to cause a chain reaction of unforgettable experiences and his set at Ultra South Africa had the same outcome. This was the moment where we all lost ourselves that night!

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