What went down at Summer Festival 2015

Summer Festival in undoubtedly one of the highlights of the Belgian Festival season. The 7th edition of the festival touched down in Antwerp and we were given the opportunity to host our very own Armada Stage. And we’re delighted to say that it turned out to be the massive success we hoped for.


Preceded by Armada hotshot Ruben de Ronde, David Gravell was the second artist to take charge and blow the crowd away. Known for some of the most intriguing and slamming tunes to date (incl. a brand new and tremendous 2015 remix of Dash Berlin, Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – ‘Man On The Run’), it’s no wonder that the Armada Captivating regular absolutely killed it.


You can say whatever you like, but Jochen Miller sure is fearless. It’s no easy task taking the stage after David Gravell, but Mr. Miller being on top of his game simply guarantees a slamming DJ set. And this was definitely one of ’em!


We imported the Australia based Trance legend MaRLo and added him to our party. You know his sound, no need to elaborate. Round-the-clock fist-pumping ensured.


Let’s hear it for Andrew Rayel! Picking the Moldovan mastermind for a line-up is a no-brainer. The man knows how to work his magic, leading to memorable moments where the loudness of the untiring cheers occasionally topped the ever smashing tunes he played.


And to top it all off, we had the sounds of Orjan Nilsen raging over the festival grounds as the final artist to take the Armada Stage at Summer Festival 2015. His anthemic records, whether too early or way too late, never cease to be the tunes everyone eagerly anticipates. A great ending to an even greater night.


A special shout-out to all fans and attendees of Summer Festival 2015, for making the Armada Stage happen. Whether you’re a vicious Viking, David Gravell devotee, part of the #RayelFamily, or just an Armada Music admirer, we hope you’ve been having a great time. See you again soon!


all pictures by Tom Doms at Summer Festival 2015.

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