Bearded DJs Movember Special


November equals Movember and Movember equals beards and mustachos. Even though the majority of the shaggy staches and relentless bristles reside in the rock-and-punk part of the music spectrum, the Electronic Music industry has plenty of groomed gems at its disposal. So let’s show our fuzzy friends some love in the Bearded DJs Movember Special.

Andhim – Tobias & Simon
Super-House duo Andhim consists two German sausages from Cologne (as they like to put it themselves). But more importantly, said sausages are embellished with two full-fledged beards.


ANOTR – Oguzhan Guney
For those that do not know ANOTR, the swift rise of the up and coming Deep House duo is not to be underestimated. Besides, when one half of the equation carries a beard like this, you know they mean business.


ATB – André Tanneberger
As one of the few artists on this list that doesn’t mingle with the Deep House scene or the more underground parts of the Electronic Music spectrum, André Tenneberger (ATB) is a long-time hotshot due to some ever-lasting compositions. Speaking of ever-lasting; have you ever seen him without a beard or moustache?


Bassnectar – Lorin Ashton
Bassnectar, Lorin Ashton, The Bass God,… Whatever name you know him by, it’s most definitely tied to terrific bass music and a glorious beard. Let’s be honest, it’s one of the best combinations there is!


CaPa – Caweh Passereh
Caweh Passereh, more commonly known as CaPa, is without doubt one of the most exciting, creative and inspirational progressive producers of today’s scene. If that isn’t enough, he has the gift of great facial hair. It suits him as superb melodies and progressive prowess suit his music: splendidly!


Coming Soon!!! – Irad Brand & Dui Bitton
Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, Coming Soon!!! is the fresh progressive trance project of producers Irad Brant & Dui Bitton. Their music is considered fresh, innovative, and experimental, and that might have just led to their full-fledged beard experience. Or it just grew over time, who knows…


Luke Hassan
Soon to bring his new single ‘The Feeling’ to the Armada Deep imprint, Luke Hassan and his majestic beard are on the verge of joining the #WeArmada family. You know how it is, artists that carry beards like this can join the party any time!


Seth Troxler
Even though he’s known for his top-tier DJ skills and his blunt assessments on Electronic Dance Music and its scene, Seth Troxler is also the man behind a dignified moustache. It’s not always as curly as it is on the picture below, but it’s glorious nonetheless.


Seven Lions – Jeff Montalvo
Seeing a recent feature with his head banging madness in our DJ Moves Top 7, Seven Lions is also in possession of a chin coiffure worth mentioning. It doesn’t give a whipping effect like the long hairs at the other end of his head, but it suits him anyway.


Steve Aoki
Steve Aoki  is one of the most notable ones on this list. Who wouldn’t look twice when running into him on the streets, the clubs, or anywhere else for that matter. The groomed piece of art on his face might be one half of the reason, the other one being that he simply kicks ass (and throws cakes).


Swanky Tunes – Dmitry Burykin
Not all members of the Russian trifecta are endowed when it comes to facial hair, but at least one of the Swanky Tunes trinity does. The man in question is Dmitry Burykin, and let’s face it… Few wear this beard as good as he does.


Sultan & Ned Shepard
After Bringing Us Back some time ago, Sultan & Ned Shepard might bring back soul patches and savage beards as well. Needless to say, these guys are nailing it. Both music-wise and on the matter of this Movember Special.


Todd Terje
Everybody knows the beard of Todd Terje. It has grown to be an exhaustive piece of work, holds several bird’s nests and it has even mastered the ability to speak. Well ok, you can scrap the last-named. But that beard is the stuff legends are made of.


Tommy Trash
Waking Giants is a mean business, and you wouldn’t get around to even trying if you didn’t have a beard to impress it with in the first place. Luckily, Tommy Trash is equally skilled at growing beards as he is on making music, so that shouldn’t be a problem at all.


Not to be confused with his near name-sake Trollface, TrollPhace is one who wears his beard with pride. Add the fact that it seems to be made for the devastating basses he conjures and a winning combination is born. 1 dude. 1 beard. 1 bong.


The Bearded Man [Honorary mention]
How could we forget The Bearded Man himself. All the stories he tells, all the adventures he went on, and all the strange things he encountered and withstood through the sheer force of the hairs on his chin. Unfortunately, no photographer has ever captured his legendary beard and lived to tell the tale. So here’s a playlist instead.

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