Halloween DJs Top 10


The dark hours of All Hallows Eve are now behind us. You might have been trembling in fear throughout the entire night, or you might have been unable to stop laughing because of the ridiculous outfits that people showed up in. Either way, lots of crazy parties were dedicated to our favorite celebrating of the macabre. And with numerous DJs actively participating in these ghastly happenings, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t compile their best head shots. Check out the Halloween DJs Top 10 below…

Halloween DJs Top 10 – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Starting off with the fresh DJ Mag #1 DJs, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike didn’t shy away from a bit of face paint in The Joker style. They put it best themselves: Canada Vancouver was wicked!


Halloween DJs Top 10 – Afrojack

There’s nothing better than DJs dressing up as their colleagues for Halloween. Example number one presented below, as Afrojack dressed as Martin Garrix… Or as any other DJ wearing an all-black outfit on All Hallows Eve for that matter…

Halloween DJs Top 10 – Chuckie

And while we’re on the subject of DJs borrowing their Halloween looks from other superstars… Here is Chuckie aiming to look more like Bruno Mars. Perfectly suited for a game of ‘spot the differences’, isn’t it? Find all of ’em and he might catch a grenade for ya.

Chuckie as Bruno Mars

Halloween DJs Top 10 – Thomas Gold (and E.T.)

Thomas Gold went awol on us and chose an extraterrestrial accomplice over his mortal fans residing on that globe we call earth. Nah, he would never. But it would be quite the horror if he had actually done that, wouldn’t it?

Thomas Gold

Halloween DJs Top 10 – Pretty Pink

Well, Pretty Pink didn’t exactly dress for the occasion, but at least she put on a fear-inducing smile, right? No…? Well, feel free to enjoy the picture anyway.


Halloween DJs Top 10 – Hardwell

Despite being responsible for plenty of hit singles throughout the year, Hardwell recently lost his #1 DJ Mag position to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. From the looks of it, the scars have not yet healed.


Halloween DJs Top 10 – David Gravell

Having spooked us on many different occasions with his massive signature sound and surreal productions, we’ve fully embraced the dark side of David Gravell. However, we might have to discuss if this new look is right for his image.

Halloween DJs Top 10 – Vicetone

What’s better than scary? Exactly, scary times two! Our friends from Vicetone managed to do just that, redefining the word ‘vicious’ as they go.

Halloween DJs Top 10 – CALVO & Crew

Dressing us as hideous ghouls is not the sole preserve of DJs. Their respective crew members are free to tag along. In the case of CALVO and his crew, there were no exceptions!

Calvo + Crew

Halloween DJs Top 10 – Krewella

Joel Zimmerman must be squeaking and shivering, because the name Deadmau5 has been giving quite the literal interpretation by one of his preferred subjects to pick on: Krewella.

And as a final note for the non-performing artists out there who’d still like to play a role in these darker times… You can always dress like this!

Ghost producer

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