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The quirky revelations of The Bearded Man


Whether you’ve heard of him or haven’t, The Bearded Man is one of the most remarkable figures to have roamed this earth. Coming from a lifelong supply of exhilarating adventures and odd situations, the hairy fellow has played a (major) part in many stories, getting to know some of the most talented artists along the way. Read on for his quirky revelations on many subjects, including his very own label imprint.

What five records are the absolute highlight of the first one hundred releases of The Bearded Man?
All releases are a highlight. Otherwise they wouldn’t be released by me!

How would you describe the sound of The Bearded Man without pigeonholing it?
I would describe the sound as “Hairy”. But nah, there is not really a specific sound. Maybe just the sound of good music?

What do you aim to accomplish with the label?
Winning an Oscar before Leonardo DiCaprio wins one.

What makes The Bearded Man stand out, as opposed to other labels?
1. I have a beard…
2. I don’t do genres…
3. I am a character…
4. I have swag…
5. I have a beard…
6. I was there when the earth was created…
7. Did I already mention having a beard?

Y.V.E. 48 – ‘Montrose Ave’ marks the 100th release of The Bearded Man. Why was it worthy of being the celebratory 100th release of The Bearded Man?
It’s funny, really. We were giving the releases catalogue numbers and Y.V.E. 48 was the 100th when they were also the first to release on The Bearded Man! So we decided to keep it that way!

What can we expect from The Bearded Man between now and the two hundredth release?
More good music! A lot of good music, that’s for sure!

Any tips on how to groom your beard and on what music to play while you’re in the middle of it all for the best results?
Don’t shave… Just don’t shave…. That and The Bearded Man playlist of course!

If the Bearded Man label would be a hairstyle, how would you describe it?
Swagtaculairy awesome!

Some people insist that singing to plants helps them grow. Is that how you got your majestic set of chin hairs?
Naaahhh… it’s all about stroking, if you know what I mean…. *Puts smirking face on*

Does the Bearded Man have an arch-enemy? The Bearded Menace maybe…?
No! The Bearded Man is friends with everyone and is loved by everyone. How can you not love such a legend?!

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