5 reasons why Rodg is ‘High On Life’


Wherever you are and whatever you do, it’s up to you to make the most out of life. Rodg chose to thoroughly enjoy both the small and big moments in life and has been ‘High On Life’ ever since. We’ve asked him to list five moments that made (or make) him feel on top of the world and he gladly obliged. These are the reasons why Rodg is ‘High On Life’!

Reason 5: Making Music In The Studio – Anytime
This is where I’m in it for and it never fails to make me feel ‘High On Life’. Making music is just something I really, really like doing.

Reason 4: August 2016 – Tokyo, Japan
For me, Japan had always been a country I wanted to visit some time. The culture, the people and the food intrigued me for years, so I felt very fortunate when I didn’t just get the chance to just visit the country, but to actually go there for a show. I stayed a couple of days after the show to visit Tokyo like any normal tourist would do, to learn something about the country.

When you travel the world as an artist, you always work with local promotors who live and work in the country or city you’re playing in or at. Especially in Japan, this proved to be essential, as the local people weren’t that easy to communicate with due to the language barrier. The promoters in Tokyo showed me around in the city, so I got to see way more than what any tourist would normally see. Besides a fantastic Armada Night gig at Ageha, the country itself really made me feel ‘High On Life’. Big thanks to Norio, AJ and Nobby for the hospitality while I was there!

Reason 3: First time playing A State Of Trance, February 2015
I’ve been producing music for over 10 years and I got some amazing support on the A State Of Trance shows and from the ASOT fans in the past couple of years. So actually playing at one of the A State Of Trance events and seeing my set get broadcast live was absolutely amazing and truly a dream come true. I visited Trance Energy a LOT back in the days, so being part of the line-up for A State Of Trance was amazing.

Reason 2: Armada Night – Hong Kong – December 2014
The Armada Night in Hong Kong on December 2014 was a first for me in two ways. It was a first time for me playing an Armada Night as an Armada artist and also my first international gig as a DJ. I still remember how weird and unreal it felt travelling such a long way to play my music, but I enjoyed it a lot. Due to that, Hong Kong will always have a special place in my heart.

Reason 1: Seeing My Music Move People – Anywhere – Anytime
Maybe it’s a bit cheesy, but moments like these are super special to me. Seeing people enjoy the music I’m making – and even bringing a Rodg flag to show their support – is something that I will never ever take for granted. I am simply a human being making music at home with a cup of coffee and my cats hanging around in the studio (oh yes, very rock ’n roll) and when I see how that moves people all over the world, I feel very lucky. It’s really special to me and ‘High On Life’ at its fullest.


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