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A Double Dose of Dilemmas with Dirtcaps


Not too long ago, Dirtcaps launched their KLASH label and dropped their new single ‘Foreign Tongues’ with Eleni Drake. But as they took their place in our ranks, it dawned on us that there has never been a proper inauguration! So, we drafted up some questions for the fun of it and sat down with Danny Groenenboom and Max Oude Weernink for their answers. Here is a double dose of dilemmas with Dirtcaps!

Which do you prefer: cold showers only or having to spend every night sleeping in a wooden chair?
Danny: I’d have to go with cold showers on this one. Wooden chairs suck big time.
Max: Same for me. My back often hurts, so if I was to spend the night in a wooden chair, I’d end up on the intensive care. Pro tip: don’t stage dive!

Collaborating with your biggest idol or running your own record label?
Both: Definitely running our own record label! It’s always been about the music for us and that’s exactly why we decided to launch KLASH. KLASH is a chance for artists to be heard, something we feel that has to be the main foundation of a record label. No matter the genre or style, if it’s quality music, it deserves to be released. And that’s what KLASH is all about.

Which superpower would you choose for the other and why?
Danny: Max would become Elastic Man. It would stop him from having such terrible back aches!
Max: I’d give Danny the power to enter people’s minds and get them to do everything we want. That would be extremely convenient!

If you had to pick, would you choose to spend the rest of your life touring or producing music?
Danny: I’ll go with touring. Getting paid to travel all across the world doesn’t seem all that bad. Sounds like a kick-ass holiday.
Max: Making music is the best thing there is. I’d be happy doing this for the rest of my life.

What’s the other’s ultimate guilty pleasure?
Danny: Definitely the snack assortment in gas stations all over the Netherlands. And his fondness for playing R. Kelly at inappropriate times.
Max: And don’t forget playing ‘All I Want For Christmas’ during summer time! As far as Danny’s guilty pleasures go, it’s every television show revolving around Dutch celebrities or Dutch music, such as Sterren TV, Tros Muziekfeest and Oranje TV.
Danny: It’s true. And I’m not at all ashamed. I think…

No sleep or no social media?
Both: No social media!
Danny: Same answer for me. Unless an app could have you make up for the hours of lost sleep at the press of a button.

Would you rather wear wet socks all day, every day or eat a chunk of French cheese first thing every morning?
Danny: Damn, I’d be wearing wet socks for the rest of my life then.
Max: I love cheese, so I’d choose that one. Only if I’d be allowed to brush my teeth afterwards, though.
Danny: I like the taste of cheese as well, but that would be after dinner. To push a large piece of cheese down my throat for breakfast, no thanks.

Would you stop producing music together or rather quit touring together?
Danny: I’d pick to stop producing music together as long as we’d still be allowed to finish the tracks together. We are pretty much used to producing separately, so that’s not that much of a hard choice.
Max: I agree! Touring is so much more fun when we’re together!

How many DJs does it take to change a light bulb?
Danny: That’s a fun question. I think you might be surprised how many DJs lack these basic skills.
Max: I can definitely change a light bulb, but I do think there might be a lot of DJs that lack the knowledge to change one, even though possess the technical know-how to DJ.

Festivals only or club gigs only?
Both: Festivals hands down. Expect if it’s the Boatshaus club. That’s like a festival in a club.


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