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Behind the Revival of T99 – Anasthasia

A massive hit in 1991 and a great source of inspiration for generations to come. That’s right, T99’s ‘Anasthasia’ was quite the scene revolution. Now, 25 years later, the iconic song is honored with five new versions: an Out Of History Rework from original T99-member Olivier Abbeloos and remixes from Kevin Saunderson & Dantiez, The Freestylers, THNK and Friend Within. And if that wasn’t enough to bring his scene-defining spark of brilliance back to life, we arranged for Olivier Abbeloos and the song’s remixers to provide us with their own view on the dance music gem. Check it out!

Olivier Abbeloos, original composer and member of T99:
“What can I say about ‘Anasthasia’. It was the track that changed my whole life and I never expected it. It gave me the opportunity to further explore the dance scene and got us invited all around the world. Even today, I still receive weekly compliments in regard to that track. The sound created a genre by itself. Some even dub it the beginning of hardcore and the use of breakbeats in my productions earned a lot of respect in the breaks and D&B scene. It first came life as an unused idea for the intro of the ‘Quadrophonia’ live shows . Six months later, I finished it as a full track.”

“‘Anasthasia’ was created on an Akai S950 Sampler and a Roland D20 Keyboard with an Atari ST running Cubase. Patrick De Meyer, the founding member of T99, invited me for a mixing session in the ICP studios with engineer Michel Dierickx and proposed to release it as T99 . From that point onward, Patrick and I joined forces as the group T99. It was the beginning of a new and excitingly different story.”

Kevin Saunderson & Dantiez:
“We started this remix once we got the parts and decided to use all of the drum and tribal vocal elements that we really loved. This allowed us to create an initial groove. The bass and synth line came next, which we felt needed a deep break based around an original classic rave synth sound. After working on another drop and an outro, we felt the remix was basically done!”

“Even though I was only eight years old back in 1991, ‘Anasthasia’ was all but unknown to me. After all, the song is one of the most successful rave song of the early ’90s. This new generation of music addicts might not recognize the song or find it too dated, but it has been a massive influence to the current form of House music. When I was approached by Armada Music to remix this track, I didn’t have to think long before saying “yes”, even though it proved to be quite the challenge turn such an iconic track from 1991 into something that fits the sound of today. Despite several chanches and new themes, I tried to stick to the vibe of the original as much as possible by almost all of the old samples provided.”

The Freestylers:
“T99 was one for the most memorable Rave anthems ever and we didn’t want to take away the vibe of the original too much. We knew we had to keep it raw and edgy so we updated it in our own fashion with some heavy bass and rolling beats whilst utilizing as many of the familiar elements as possible. The remix has been one of the highlights of our DJ sets for quite a few months now, so can say we’re really happy with how turned out.”

Friend Within:
“Even as a kid, I was into dance music. I still have some rave tapes from back in the day. Many of those tapes had ‘Anasthasia’ on there as it’s an absolute classic. It has all the ingredients for a rave banger: stabs, break beats, acid, crowd noise, you name it. Remixing a classic is never a straight-forward affair, but I couldn’t turn down the opportunity as it has a special place in my heart.”

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