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Galactic Marvl – Chapter Four – Don’t You Worry


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“Don’t You Worry…” Galactic Marvl kept murmuring the words, even though he had long lost faith in them. He sat anxiously on the floor of the helicopter, surrounded by at least fourteen heavily armed guards. The zip-ties dug sharply into his wrists and a cloth hood over his head forced him to acknowledge the darkness as his only friend. If only the whispers would stop.

The nearly inaudible voices made him uneasy. The whispers were laden with fear and hostility, maybe even anger. Galactic Marvl was sure that at least half of the guards had already thought about getting rid of him on the spot. He tried to come up with a viable explanation for the hatred directed toward him, but couldn’t. The question remained. Why?

After what seemed like an eternity spent in anxiety, the engine of the helicopter began to roar. The deafening sound drowned out the whispers and the helicopter shook heavily before starting its ascend. Galactic Marvl could feel it lose contact with the ground. Where were they going to take him? And what would they do to him? The only thing worse than the uncertain future was knowing that the chance of a happy ending was pretty much non-existent. Never once in his life had he felt so helpless. Galactic Marvl couldn’t stop himself from becoming overwhelmed with his emotions and lost track of his surroundings.

It wasn’t until one of the guards yanked on the hood that Galactic Marvl snapped out of it. He didn’t know how much time had passed since he had dozed off, but they already seemed to have landed. There was no time for him to let it all sink in. One of the guards pushed him to the ground and began to scream at him. Galactic Marvl shrieked and desperately tried to explain that he did not understand the words. His attempts were in vain. A fist was slammed into the left side of his face, causing a sharp pain so agonizing it stopped him from trying a second time. His world began to spin and he blacked out several times before getting hit by a splash of ice-cold water. Two pairs of strong hands pulled him up by his shoulders and pushed him forward into the unknown.

For a brief moment, Galactic Marvl could feel a chilly wind brush against his skin. The wind somehow managed to calm him down, but the strangely soothing sensation didn’t last. Within minutes, the layers of dirt that cushioned his soles gave way to a floor of weaponized concrete and the tormenting silence was interrupted by the sound of footsteps bouncing off the ground. Galactic Marvl was forced down a hallway and led into a chamber. As soon as the sound of a heavy metal door closing reached his ears, one of the guards cut his hands loose and removed the hood from his head. But right when the sudden bright light blinded him, Galactic Marvl was pushed backwards into a small capsule, which in turn got sealed shut instantly, trapping him. Though his vision was still blurry, he could easily make out a facial expression so vicious it could only belong to one person: the big boss. A malicious grin covered the lower half of his face and his eyes were gleaming with delight.

“Don’t You Worry. It’s not going to hurt. Much…”


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