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Galactic Marvl – Chapter Three – Blue Lips

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A swarm of helicopters ripped through the clouds above the city, casting their searchlights down to draw the darkness out of its streets. The initial chase had turned into an all-out man hunt, complete with blazing sirens and a curfew for all of the city’s residents. It was bad enough that an unknown creature had taken refuge in their city. But when it went on to kidnap an innocent little girl, it had gone too far. There was no knowing what else the creature might do when left unchecked. It had to be stopped…

“Target spotted…!” The words uttered by one of the helicopter pilots shook up both special agents as they raced through the now abandoned city streets. “Where is it?” one of them barked through the phone impatiently. The answer followed shortly after. “I repeat, target spotted on 42nd Street near 34th Ave.” The agent hung up his phone and informed his partner in the driver’s seat. The creature was close. Really close. There was no way they were going to let it escape this time. Without slowing down one bit, the special agents made a right turn and pushed their vehicle to its limits. There was no time to lose…

Galactic Marvl just stood there in the middle of the street, looking up toward a sky infested with strange flying machines. He just could not understand why the other humans were so hostile. Why couldn’t they be open-minded and curious? Why couldn’t they try to understand? Why couldn’t they be more like the little girl he met?

The thoughts echoed through his mind, but were soon drown out by the noise of a helicopter rapidly approaching. A large beam of light caught him and followed his every move, no matter how hard he tried to evade it. And to make matters worse, a black car appeared at the end of the road, moving toward him at an incredible speed. Galactic Marvl knew very well what was coming. It was the same car that had chased him down before.

Without hesitating even for a second, Galactic Marvl took off running, barely managing to stay ahead of the black car as it accelerated even further. As quickly as he could, he fled into a tunnel to – at least – take shelter from the helicopter’s searchlight. The darkness swallowed him first; the car followed a mere moment later.

Galactic Marvl looked over his shoulder to confirm what he had already sensed. The vehicle was gaining ground on him quickly, the sounds of its roaring engine growing louder by the second. He turned his gaze forward again and tried to speed up as the end of the tunnel came in sight. But suddenly, a young woman dressed in high heels and a red dress blocked the tunnel’s exit. Galactic Marvl didn’t know who she was, but it definitely didn’t feel right at all. He threw his head left and right, scouring the walls of the tunnel for a chance to escape. But despite the high hopes he had, there were no exits to be found. He was trapped.

The despair built up in his body, fueling the strange sensation that had started taking hold of him and his fears. One by one, his body parts all succumbed to the strange force, becoming senseless in the process. But when Galactic Marvl thought he’d pass out right there and then, his hands started to glow. Waves of energy began to radiate from his hands and as he looked forward, the tunnel started twisting and turning right before his eyes… And then, a bright, white light blinded him and everyone else in the tunnel…

The two special agents exchanged looks, mouths wide open in disbelief. They could barely recall what had happened, but it most definitely had something to do with that wretched little creature. Now, they couldn’t even tell where they were. In front of them stood three ancient, Mayan-like temples, surrounded by different kinds of foliage that couldn’t be native to Earth. The tables had turned. Whatever the creature had done to them, it had brought them to another planet, trapping them there. No one could help them now. They had to find their own way out of this mess. And so, they started walking.

Before long, they found themselves exploring one of the ancient temples, drawn to the strange structures like moths to a fiercely burning flame. They passed pillars riddled with unknown markings, crossed large circular areas that seemed to have no purpose at all, and soon entered what was likely to serve as the temple’s main room. What they found there changed everything.

A large, three-headed statue stood in the middle of a small pool of water. It appeared to look them straight in the eyes, as if it had been waiting for them to come for ages. Before long, the special agents found themselves walking toward the statue intrigued, almost hypnotized. With every passing second, the statue’s mystery lured them in further, compelling them to lean over the pool of water. Without the ability to resist the strange force that held them under its spell, the special agents lost their balance and fell into the water.

As soon as they hit the water, the prejudice that had once clouded their minds got washed away in an instant. No longer were they convinced that the little creature was harmful. No longer were they sure that chasing it down was the right thing to do. It had all become so much clearer. Through the vision that had entered their minds, they began to discover what had happened to Galactic Marvl before he came to Earth. They saw a large volcano spitting out its ashes and liquid fire, shaking the planet at its very foundations. They saw the streams of lava running down its sides, and Galactic Marvl making it into a small space ship just in time. They saw him ripping through the planet’s atmosphere, coursing toward Earth to make a new home and new friends. There were no evil intentions. There was only friendliness and hope. Now, they finally understood…

Galactic Marvl backed into a wall as a large helicopter began its descend right in front of him. As soon as it touched the ground, a large hatch opened, revealing two humans standing side by side. One of them was the woman in red Galactic Marvl had already encountered once. The other had to be the big boss. From the golden ring in his right ear to his hair-covered cheeks and the fierce, almost vengeful frown on his face, the man was without a doubt the root of evil on this planet. The chief barked his orders and several men dressed in green cameo began to surround Galactic Marvl, one hand glued to the rifles hanging on their backs. There was no escape. Not this time…


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