Sandro Silva: “I think a lot of artists have to renew their sound”


Sandro Silva; the man who graced Tomorrowland, Tomorrowworld, and Ultra Miami with his presence, even though he could still be considered ‘The New Guy’ in electronic music. The Dutch prodigy has been gaining more and more momentum, playing all over the globe and releasing his tunes on some of the most respected record labels in the world. And with a brand new collaboration (with energetic DJ/MC trio Dirtcaps) slated for another impressive string of features and global radio plays, it was high-time we caught up with Sandro Silva and all he’s working on…

Could you describe the ‘Sandro Silva sound’ and how it has been developing?
“I would describe my sound as powerful, full of energy and always groovy with percussion. I try to develop my sound all the time and try to be ahead of my time. That way, I can stay one step ahead.”

We really love ‘Someone Like U’ and it’s amazing to see how it’s being picked up! How did this track come about and can you tell us something about the collaboration with Dirtcaps?
“Thanks! I’ve been following Dirtcaps for a longer time now, and I really love how they combine urban/‘trappy’ sounds with dance music. I think this will be a lot bigger in the future, and that’s why I just had to do a song with them. And they are great guys too!”

You are still really young and already a well-known artist performing on the biggest stages in the world. How do you deal with the success and the crazy lifestyle?
“It’s still an amazing and incredible journey, and I’m still amazed a lot of times with what I see during my career. It’s a fast-paced life, full with surprises and new people you get to meet.”

What are your thoughts on the current electronic music climate?
“I think a lot of artists have to renew their sound, because it’s all been done before. Electronic music is continuously changing, so you have to keep adjusting. In my opinion, that’s not a bad development at all. Other than that, I think electronic music is bigger than ever and that’s a great thing.”


What can we expect from Sandro Silva in the near future?
“I have tons of tracks lined up and ready to be released. First track to come out after ‘Someone Like U’ is a collaboration with Thomas Newson, which will be out soon on Smash the House. Gonna be a biggie!”

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