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The Festival Favorites of W&W

Just as much as you yourself have gotten a load of favorite tracks, so do the artists that play the biggest festivals throughout the summer. We’ve tricked W&W into revealing their Festival Favorites of this year’s summer season and now report back to you with a list of the tracks they loved the most. Here they are, the Festival Favorites of W&W!

W&W & Hardwell & Lil Jon – Live The Night
We’ve been playing this collab with our brother Hardwell for a while already, but we were finally able to finish it just before the start of this year’s summer season. It’s still one of the highlights in our sets!

Maestro Harrell & NoTech – Zantar
This drop simply works, no matter where or how often we play it.. It comes quite unexpected and that makes it really cool to see how the crowd reacts to it.

TWIIG – About You
We’ve already tested TWIIG’s ‘About You’ before the summer and it has been in our sets ever since. The euphoric, old-school break and the special drop make it stand out for us.

Jewelz & Spark – Crank
We played this in almost all of our sets this summer. The clapping part in the break works like a charm and the drop is filty, but in a clean way. Just the way we like it.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs W&W – Arcade
‘Arcade’ is still the biggest anthem in our sets. It really feels like the track has been growing and growing ever since its release. We can only wonder where it ends. 🙂

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